Needs more...pork.
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Salad? mmhmm. If you're not one for the ever-generic chicken caesar, well, there are alternatives. (in keeping with recent baconposts, of course.)
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Looks delicious. I love me some pork belly. But I'm not convinced that single-recipe-as-post is a great precedent to set....
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Excellent timing, we're having a "salad day" at work next week to promote healthy eating.

Wait 'til I show up with this.
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You can't call it a caesar with that kind of dressing. It's missing the main ingredient the Worcestershire.
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I have to say, the salad looks good but the best thing about this post is the word "baconposts."
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You keep using that word. I don't think it means what you think it means.
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I'm glad you posted this, or I might never have seen it at all. Cheers for that!

I think this could been a stronger post. I don't recall ever seeing a definitive MeFi post on Caesar Salad or Pork Belly. This could have been your shot!
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the best thing about this post is the word "baconposts."

Seconded by judicious use of the Pork Tag.
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For easy confited pork belly: salt pork a slab of belly and season it with quatre epice and smashed garlic overnight, then cover it in fat and cook at 170 degrees for ten hours.

Easy is relative I guess, but anything that reqires an overnight process and then a 10 hour process is a long way from my definition of easy. I don't usually plan my salads 2 days in advance.
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Also, wtf, that should be Romaine hearts.
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But I'm not convinced that single-recipe-as-post is a great precedent to set....

There's a lot to peruse on this site that isn't just a recipe. I think we'll all come out OK.
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Wait a minute. You put meat on these things? And all this time I've just had a meat on the side.
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I think this would look more appropriate on a menu.

Fried Pork Belly Confit, Caesar-style
served on bed of Romaine hearts
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You need to visit Pittsburgh, Deathalicious. We put meat, hot sauce and french fries on 'em.
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so maybe "salad" is a relative term.
bear in mind that in the last three years i've lived in cinci, where chili dogs and waffles reign supreme (as great as skyline and pretender gold star may be, they've got nothing on camp washington, which combines cinci chili with waffles 'n chicken), montreal, where poutine is king (and still a goddamned mess) and, of course, clevo, where anything fatty goes and might just be recognized as genius.

sorry for the lame first fpp, to all dedicated mefites, but i saw the recipe, wanted to seize upon it, and couldn't pass, and it's worth noting, by the way, that in the previous make-your-own-adventure bacon post, the recipe for it was culled from charcuterie...
a book that michael ruhlman co-authored.

(and, for the record, curing one's own poke-belly is not a huge endeavour. it might take a few hours to set up, but that's effortless given a mind for a meez. [yeah, you heard that])

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(ps. - i get kinda lazy about livelinking stuff...especially after a few drinks. who would've guessed.)

honestly, it's a post about goddamned pork belly and lettuce.
i was just hoping someone would take something away from it.
i feel like chicken-fried pork belly salad *might* fit in as best of the web, somehow.

rest assured, i'll be more thorough, for future reference.
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Apparently America has obesity problems?
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