Guide to Real World Movie Locations
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Movie Locations Guide has the real-world locations tons of scenes from famous & cult films & television shows; interesting if you live in (or plan to visit) Los Angeles or New York, for the most part.
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Great link. I always get excited when I walk by the Ghostbusters head-quarters in Tribeca.

Now, which house did Sophie live in in Ditmas Park, Brooklyn? (Sophies Choice.)
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"Hey, check it out, they're filming something on 24th. What do you think it is?"

"Law & Order."

"How do you know that?"

"Call it a hunch."
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I got to watch the guys beating up Johnny 5 (Short Circuit 2) way back when. The location was right across from my dad's office. (Around the corner from Roy Thompson Hall, in that little laneway beside the church, for those playing at home).

Pity that Toronto's not on the site--a shitload of movies and TV shows are/have been filmed here.
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The summer I spent in Washington D.C. I made it a point to visit the flight of steps that the priest in the Exorcist fell down.
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Streets around my office are always being shutdown to stage car accidents and other various scenes involving buses or cop cars that invariably say "Miami" on the side.

I work in Long Beach, CA :-/.
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Movies filmed in my small Louisiana town:
The Long, Hot Summer
The Dukes of Hazzard
And a few more I can't remember.
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DNAB is right - they're filming the new Hulk movie w/Edward Norton a few steps away from my house. There's all kinds of stuff going on in the t dot.
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Until it can connect Resevoir Dogs and an episode of Father Dowling Investigates I'll reserve judgement.
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Bah, they don't have C.H.U.D., which I saw being filmed in Tribeca a couple of years after I moved to NYC.
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meh - it's no Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations.
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Heh. I live and drive in LA. Just last week on my way to work I saw good ol' Michael C. Hall sitting in a car looking very pensive, with his Dexter-riffic shirt on.

I live very close to one of the locations* listed on this site, and every time I drive by it on the way to Taco Bell, it sneaks up on me—I feel for a second like I'm in the movie.

So for the most part you get used to it, but every now and then it can be freaky.

*not going to tell you which one, stalkers—and the location in my profile is fake, so that won't help you
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It has the scene in that movie where that asbestos lawyer gets clubbed to death.

Wow, they must've taken him to a lotta clubs...
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SassHat, you have EDWARD FUCKING NORTON by your house?

I'm coming over.

With a tranquilizer gun.

And a net.
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within 3 blocks of my place in Brooklyn, there's been:

Once Upon a Time in America
Jacob's Ladder
Donnie Brasco
Romeo is Bleeding
City Hall
American Gangster

none of which appear.
and those are just the ones I can recall of the top of my head at 8:30 Monday morning without any Joe.
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I once stayed in a tiny hotel in Tunisia that was duh-duhn-duh Luke Skywalker's home in Star Wars.

Also not on the list, alas. Hasn't quite gone global, that.
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I pass the Exorcist Stairs on my way to work every day. Alas, not in the list.

I suppose the IMDB was small once, too.
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