Miroslav Sasek
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'Welcome to the wonderful world of Miroslav Sasek. This site is devoted to the life and works of the Czech artist, illustrator and author of the This is series of children's books.' From the equally wonderful I Like.
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Thanks for calling attention to this wonderful illustrator. Just a few months ago I discovered him when I came across a copy of "This Is New York" in a used book store here in Tokyo. Snatched it up right away as a present for my daughter myself!
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awesome - I had a lot of the "This Is.." books as a kid. I read somewhere that they are being reprinted. Just looking at his artwork regresses me to my childhood.

cool post!
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Thanks for the post. Sasek's Charming illustrations make one happy.
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That's really cool, I love this kind of stuff.
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I'm amazed at how many of them there were. I don't recall ever seeing the Texas, Israel, or Edinburgh ones, for example.
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I had 2 posters I bought in Prague in 1993, and on looking at the website, I suspect they're Sasek illos -- they were both from a childrens' book exhibition. Need to dig around in the basement and find them! Thanks for the memory!
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I loved these! I bought the reissued "This Is New York" months ago for the child of some friends... but haven't gotten around to sending it.
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Seconding the happy regressing. Loved his drawings in the This Is series. So he illustrated and wrote those books. What a wonderful find. Thanks Alec.

His work reminds me a little of the simple-but-sophisticated illustrations of Leo Lionni.

A YouTube of Sasek's This is San Francisco.
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