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To call Pat Fish the best British songwriter of the past twenty-five years is an invitation for some awfully suspicious stares. Pat who? But he might be just that. Known since the early 1980s as the Jazz Butcher (Or The Jazz Butcher Conspiracy, or JBC, and at times later as Sumosonic, The Black Eg, and Wilson), Fish remained detached enough to avoid the indie-rock vortex of the last decade, dooming himself to obscurity while leaving behind one of the most valuable buried treasures in all of alternative music.
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Paragraph adapted from here.
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I became aware of the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy through David J. I'd forgotten about it. Thanks for this post.
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From the lyrics to "Baby it's You":

I'm waiting for you (x15)

Anyone who'll sing "I7m waiting for you" 15 times in a row is at least potentially allright by me. So thanks for the post, I'll check out his stuff.
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Caroline Wheeler's birthday present is made entire out of the skin of dead Jim Morrisons.
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It's pretty clear if you can mouse over the links, but just to clarify a bit more—there are mp3s of demos and album tracks, videos, and other cool media tucked into many of the linked pages. I forgot to note what the "remained detached" link is; 2001 Independent artist profile by William Whiteside.
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Great post. The Jazz Butcher is so witty and brilliant I have never understood why he wasn't a huge star. One of my favorite songs, "The Biggest Loudest Heaviest Group of All" chronicles the declining popularity stage of his career. Kind of a self-reflective Spinal Tap.
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What's really bizarre about this coming up just now is that my four-year-old daughter has become addicted, recently, to the Jazz Butcher's cover of "Roadrunner." It's her favorite record for "dance party" time.

Aside from the great songs themselves, Pat Fish's saucy little interpolations and spoken asides are among the most charming in rock. "Surprisingly tasty!"
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Oh, and indeed, great post! I'd actually seen the website but stupidly didn't notice all the mp3s...
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When I was in high school and these new fangled CD thingys were coming out my friend and I took a Jazz Butcher CD to a shop to try out a DENON player and sampled Southern Mark Smith (Pavement also makes reference to Mark Smith.)

The salesman couldn't believe we'd listen to acoustic guitars to get a sense of the quality of CDs. He'd never heard of the Jazz Butcher and, no doubt, wished he never had.

He has some great songs, I particularly like Who Loves You Now, particularly when thinking of an ex and feeling particularly bad. Yes, particularly.
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Do you know what happens if you leave a fish too long in an elevator?

Even when JB sang about Bettie Page when I was a youth, I had no idea who she was and when I finally found out all I had to do was fall back on the song. Roped and trussed, indeed.

Scandal in Bohemia/Sex And Travel is one of my favorite CDs of all time.
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Wow, a Jazz Butcher FPP. Well done!
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Pity there's only a snippet of Marnie, I love that track.
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This is PARTYTIME...and you've got to say its better than a war...and it's better than a cold bath with someone you dislike.

Ah, good times. Carsonb, thanks for posting this.
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So, so brilliant. Bath of Bacon and Southern Mark Smith warmed my university nights. Not a lot of people got him back then either. Thx bunches, carsonb.

BT - have her listen to La mer. It makes me feel four years old every time.
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The Devil Is My Friend is the greatest drinking song of all time. Or at least one of the sillier ones.
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This is good.
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I became aware of the Jazz Butcher via Spacemen 3's Sonic Boom. Pat plays on the first few solo Sonic Boom albums. Sonic even says "Hey, Pat..." on the track "Angel" off of the Spectrum LP.

Nice post!
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A few years ago, on pure whim, I bought a copy of Illuminate. It remains one of my favorite albums. For some reason, though, I've never listened to anything else by the Jazz Butcher Conspiracy. I will have to explore these MP3s. Thank you, carsonb.
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Great thread. Over the years I've managed to accumulate every thing the Jazz Butcher has released and it's all fantastic stuff.

Only managed to see him live once - opening up for Robyn Hitchcock here in LA.
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Ah, I love me some Butcher. Pain in the arse to find on CD. I had to rip my vinyl to get my fix.

One of my best music days ever: Ray Charles in a park in the afternoon and then Jazz Butcher at night up in LA. Went with a great friend who later died cross-country skiing, in an avalanche.

And so it goes.
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Why'd they have to go and kill Olaf Palme?
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