Neutral Hills Stills
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The 'Neutral Hills' is the name given to a range of hills in east central Alberta (Canada) that were shared hunting grounds for the Blackfoot and Cree Indian tribes. Because of its importance to the tribes, the area was designated as 'neutral' for hunting only, not fighting. The area ranges from the village of Veteran as far east as Major, Saskatchewan, and from just south of the town of Provost to the community of Esther. Every image posted on this site was captured within the Neutral Hills region.
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A new and frankly beautiful site by Canadian photographer Sean McCormick.

Yes, I know him. No, I had nothing to do with his site, save for leaving comments at my favourite images.

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Nice. I love old paint on old vehicles.
He's got the "next" and "previous" arrows backwards. You've linked to the first picture in the series, but you have to click "previous" to go anywhere.
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You can progress forward by clicking on the image itself, if that helps.
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Oh, and yes, that's because Sean posts new images to the main page all the time, so in effect, hitting Previous is going backwards toward the very first image ever posted.
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You linked to Funkadelic Weeds, which is the first picture in his archive. The natural reaction of someone visiting the page for the first time is to click "next", which reloads Funkadelic Weeds.
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Actually, I linked to the main url, which automatically loads the most recent image.

Either way, the navigation does seem a bit ass-backwards until you figure out how he set it up.
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Complete archive. Really guys, this is how most photoblogs work - it's not gallery software, so it's in chronological order.
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This thread is a nice change from the typical photography thread in which everyone gripes about the flash interface. Here, all the griping is about the HTML interface.
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That is some very impressive photography. Thanks for linking to it.
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First place, for Most Haunting Picture of an Outhouse....

(Seriously, these are nice.)
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Never thought I'd want to visit someplace called Neutral Hills, but these photos make me want to go. I liked the god clouds in that shot a lot - I'm a sucker for that kind of light. This one, too.
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It's pretty easy to forget how beautiful the Prairies can be when you're stuck in Calgary all the time. Thanks for this, bwg!
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Welcome, arto!

Makes me want to visit there myself whenever I get back to see the family in Edmonton.

By the way, Sean tells me the site isn't complete yet, so expect further enhancements and a boatload of photos.
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Thanks ... very unique!
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I think that the Lethbridge area is pretty gorgeous, what with the coulee and all, but these photos are really stunning. I need to get out more. Who's with me for an Alberta road trip?
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