Just Say NoSo.
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NoSo [embedded audio] is the next stop on the self-referential satire train of Web 2.0.* Going beyond Useless Account, inspired (kinda) by Flash Mobs, Fight Club ("the first rule..."), and MeFi Meetups, it allows anonymous users the opportunity to organize "NOevents" where members can congregate in selected physical locations without using their technological connectivity devices and NOT engage in communication with each other. That's right, no talking allowed at a NOevent. Reading books is OK. You may go home and blog about it, but NO live blogging. Organized by a San Franciso art group that may just be using it to get people to show up at their installations (aha!), and who violate the Fight Club rule in an interview with R.U. Sirius.(viablame TechCrunch) *Plagiarized with attribution from bhouston.
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You know what I like about this? Its introductory video prominantly features an iPod-style silhouette of somebody who is actually shaped like me!
posted by wendell at 5:25 PM on August 27, 2007

The NOSO experience offers a unique opportunity to create NO Connections by scheduling NO Events with other NO Friends.

So it's the internet precisely translated into real life?
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They're starting to approach the kind of social interaction I feel most comfortable with. Bravo!
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This sounds like commuting. Are mp3 players allowed? If so, theres an event on the L train every weekday at 9. Look for me. Or not.
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I scrupulously avoid everything web 2.0 (ironic or unironic), anything organized by San Francisco art groups, and all installations, so I get the feeling this is not for me. But I like the idea of bringing my book.
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They're starting to approach the kind of social interaction I feel most comfortable with.

Me too, except I don't like travel so much. Is it OK if I stay at home when I'm not communicating with anyone? Also, I'd probably have the TV on.
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Very Zen.
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*twiddles thumbs*
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please don't ever link to something that plays sound without a warning.

I'd propose adding "with NO one showing up" but DU beat me to it. Is it OK if I weep softly into my beer, alone in the detritus of a failed life, while passively not participating in the non event? And if so, would that result in a transcendent found-art (the found art being my life) expression of the human condition or some sort of phenomenological expression of nothingness? Or failure so commonplace and pathetic it can't even achieve the tragic? Where'd I put the bottle opener, anyway?
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See, all I know about the old British clubs comes from novels. But in the books it always looks like the point was to give married men a place to ignore their wives and kids. The Diogenes Club seems like the logical next step to me.
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