Leonard Cohen - I'm Your Man
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"Since bursting onto the scene in 1967, Leonard Cohen has inspired generations with his unique personality and haunting music, becoming one of the most original and enduring artists to emerge from the 1960's. In January, 2005, Lian Lunson traveled to Sydney to film the historic "Came So Far For Beauty" show, a tribute to Cohen at the Sydney Opera House organized by famed music producer Hal Willner. And in a series of candid interviews, Cohen himself reveals his trademark wry humor and soulful intensity, using his own artwork, poetry, and personal collection of photographs to reflect upon his colorful past and his creative process."

Lian Lunson's I'm Your Man (103 minutes, Google video)
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Somewhat related (may make your head asplode).
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This is, imo, a horrible documentary, with great musical performances, and a very good interview with Cohen.

But as a film, it is very repetitive and unimaginative.

But, as I said, it is VERY worth watching, or owning, for the performances and the music.
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Also somewhat related.
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Yeah, it's pretty poo, I think, and suffering thru Bono singing Cohen is too much to ask. Teddy Thompson does some fine covers, though, I believe. His two tracks are better than anything on his solo albums.

Cohen's my favorite Canadian and one of my all-time favorite writers/performers.
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I’ve always admired Cohen’s artistry, but I’ve never seen him live. For whatever its worth, a friend of mine saw him in Austin, TX. He said that all the women at the Cohen concert got all hot and got all over their men, right there... with Leonard Cohen concertiseing like a madman.
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Geh, that documentary was craptacular. I wish I knew exactly what time the performances started. Id just skip to all the good ones.
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Weird, I just noticed the versions in the documentary are different from those on the soundtrack. Guess it makes sense they'd record them in a studio, though.

it's the only full-length Cohen doc out there

Isn't Ladies and Gentlemen, Leonard Cohen full-length or is it only 45 minutes or something? I haven't seen it in years.

My fave Cohen covers including the two Thompson ones.
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I was at the second Sydney concert and I remember someone on stage telling us that they were filming this doco. I've not seen the film yet (and haven't time to watch it now) but I really hope they somehow managed to capture the reaction to Antony's first appearance on stage. The guy was pretty-much unheard of and, as I recall, he was brought in to the Sydney shows to replace someone rather famous who couldn't make it to Australia. Anyhow, everyone applauds politely as he walks up to the mic, and strains their eyes to work out exactly who they're seeing - from where I was he looked a lot like Meg White. So he starts singing ("If It be Your Will", I think) and you can actually hear a wave of gasps rolling through the Opera House, followed by the sound of EVERY SINGLE PROGRAM in the auditorium being opened and flicked through, in a desperate effort to find out who this person was.
Add Nick Cave, Beth Orton, Jarvis, a whole bunch of McGarrigle-Thompson-Wainwright people and The Handsome Family... It was a great gig.
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My introduction to Cohen was through "Everybody Knows" in the movie "Pump Up the Volume", and then a boss at an ISP in '95 who insisted on playing his stuff loudly and not allowing anyone else access to the CD player.

I now have most of his works on my iPod.
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Kill me.
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the antony cover gives me goosebumps (the good kind). thanks for that story, bunglin jones.
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tower of song
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I know people are gaga over the Buckley cover poolio, but I may be the one person on the planet that doesn't get it. I dig the Cale version. But the original is just too good.
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and of course Cohen's fave was Jennifer Warren (aka Warnes) and the famous blue raincoat (which is still an audiophile fave)
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I know people are gaga over the Buckley cover poolio, but I may be the one person on the planet that doesn't get it. I dig the Cale version. But the original is just too good.

vronsky, you beat me to it by what looks like 30 minutes.
What vronsky said. The Buckley cover is alright, but it doesn't do it for me the way the Cale version does. Or the original. So nice to see the Man get some love he so rightfully deserves.
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A less famous cover of Hallelujah.
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Award-winning Aussie band, Monsieur Camembert, have recently released a double CD of LC covers, recorded live & featuring a range of reasonably talented guest singers (if you listen carefully, you'll hear me in the audience. you can google it for yourselves if interested becoz...screw you guys, i'm going home!)
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Hallelujah covers.

BTW, if you are a Leonard Cohen fan, make it your business to buy Blue Alert, a collaboration between Cohen and his girlfriend Anjani Thomas.

Also, if you're lucky enough to live in a town where she's performing, you'll want to see her sing live. Depending on the gig, you might even get to hear the Old Master growl out a song or two.
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There is a bunch of Leonard Cohen on youtube, including a stupendous version of "Who by Fire" featuring Sonny Rollins.
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Thanks for the link - I remember seeing the trailer for this on the apple site, but obviously it didn't play anywhere near me. However, I'm about a third of the way though here, and as someone who is somewhat emotionally invested in mr Cohen, I'm getting a bit of a queasy feeling - these people are reading an autocue while they're singing! What possible reason was there to have these dull performances rather than the great man himself ? No. Don't bother answering that, I know the depressingly obvious answer.
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Leonard Cohen lives in my neighbourhood!
I see him walking around sometimes.

It's rumoured he likes to go to the local
Bagels Etc. early in the morning - like 6AM.

I saw him once leaving Le Vieux St-Laurent
with three other people. I think one of them
is that hottie whose album he co-produced.

He was wearing track pants.
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