A video tour of the history of Found Footage Filmmaking
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80 years of Found Footage Filmmaking...
The Fall of the Romanov Dynasty, 1927.
Rose Hobart, 1936.
Night and Fog 2 3 4 5 6 7, 1956.
1968-2007 inside...
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In the Year of the Pig, 1968.
Dialectics Break Bricks? 1973.
Mongoloid, 1978. (Bruce Conner was quite active before this time.)
Atomic Cafe, 1982.
The Ties That Bind, 1985
Mayhem, 1987.
Mystery Science Theater 3000, 1988.
Three works by Martin Arnold, 1989-1993 (The third is the best, @ 41:00: Life Wastes Andy Hardy)
Rock Hudson's Home Movies, 1992.
Arise!, 1992.
Tribulation 99, 1992. (best movie evar??)
Beavis and Butthead, 1993. (ugh, AOLvideo is hosting full episodes, weak.)
Space Ghost Coast to Coast, 1994.
Sonic Outlaws, 1995.
Spin, 1995.
Removed, 1999.

So, apparently, the technologies of editing and access inform this movement. Is teh intarweb living up to its potential?
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Thank you for this!
But where's Decasia?
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Oooh good call, maryh! I didn't see film myself till after all the above, after my class on FF was complete. Thanks!!
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AV, you might like Ilha das Flores, too.
I love this stuff- this post is going to keep me busy for... too long! Ahrrrrg! (But that's 'ahrrrrg' in a good way.)
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there's a fascinating found footage film called overlord that came out in the US last year. criterion released it on DVD, for which the trailer is available on youtube. also, essay (self link).
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I've seen Night and Fog. The mere mention of the name is enough to bring tears to my eyes. Every living person on the planet should see it, too. Perhaps then the world might change, even just a little.
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Well done.
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Ocean's 9/11
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Mea Culpa, Bruce Conner
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Wow. Thanks AV.
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The Recycled Cinema is a blog devoted to found footage filmmaking. Some recent found footage films that the blog has mentioned include Gonzales the Cannibal, Cosas de Mujeres, and My Heart Will Take a Kayak.
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