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RANDOM.ORG offers true random numbers to anyone on the Internet. The randomness comes from atmospheric noise. Also has subsites such as a coin flipper, dice roller and a jazz scale generator.
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I hereby endorse Random.org's integer generator to reorder one's Netflix queue.
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Yzu xpt uwu qpq loo rzt krw lnf qml uje.
Flagged as random.
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They just want you to think that atmospheric noise is random.
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A lot of gambling sites use this system, actually.
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My thousand-sided die works just fine, thanks.
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Atmospheric noise? Pfft.
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Don't forget The lava lamp random number generator from SGI way back when.
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The source of "atmospheric noise" is quite cheap compared to a quantum random bit generator - just tune a radio between stations.
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Conquer Club (prev) uses random.org to handle dice rolls (Scroll down to #17 - "How do the dice work?").
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See also fourmilab's radioactive decay RNG.
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