A Life With Jazz
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A Life With Jazz is a collection of the wonderful photographs of Herman Leonard, focusing on the iconic figures of 20th century jazz music.
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Found via.
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Lenny Kravitz, hardest of the hard boppers.
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Funny, this is exactly how I imagine Thelonious Monk, at all times.
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Yet nary a trombonist's picture.

Seriously, though, Herman Leonard is great. I love that so many of these look half-posed, half-candid.
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Cool. These are great, thanks, jonson.
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Every hip stud really dug Bud
Soon as he hit town
Takin’ that note nobody wrote
Putting it down

I love that photo of Bud Powell.
Thanks for these.
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excellent post. thanks for sharing.
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Great stuff—thanks, jonson!

I love this more than I can say. And this is how I'll think of Bird and Diz from now on.
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Speaking of Bird and Diz, check this picture out (different photographer I think). There Bird and Diz are again...but see that young man half cutoff by the camera on the right? He's a nobody--some young guy named John Coltrane.

In addition to the first link that languagehat posted above (wow), I'm partial to the ones of Chet and Basie.
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