Biodiversity maps of Arctic Refuge pulled from Net, gov't scientist fired.
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Biodiversity maps of Arctic Refuge pulled from Net, gov't scientist fired. To be expected, with the big to-do over Arctic drilling in Washington, but creepy nonetheless. A map of "caribou calving areas" is too hot for comfort? There were errors of course, but to wipe the site and fire the guy? Also a good argument for archiving. (from Cryptome)
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Interesting. The caribou calving areas look pretty recent to me. their is no 2000 or 2001 maps. But the calving areas haven't changed.
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I have to admit to being shocked at the total disregard shown by our newly appointed president and his administration.

When was going on about how if we voted for a third party candidate all this nasty stuff would happen, they sounded like a bunch of screaming Mimis.

Turns out, they have been right about almost everything.
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That cache link shouldn't really work in theory, because Google doesn't cache images... but it does - because the original site is back online. Looks like somebody caved under a barrage of emails.
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Don't tell anyone, but I know where the Porcupine Caribou herd have been over the last couple months. (some 2000 Calving info). And I've been playing with a simple model of the effects of climate on their population. In fact, I'm planning on reading some of the info from the Porcupine Caribou Management Board this afternoon. And then I'm . . .

Hey, who are you? What's that . . .

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