The Concert in Central Park
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Someone rushes the stage during "The Late Great Johnny Ace." That song and the "Late in the Evening" encore didn't get put on the album; Rolling Stone album review [Warning: Flash ad with annoying audio].

I couldn't find a video of the Central Park performance of "Still Crazy After All These Years," so here's Paul Simon performing the song dressed as a turkey on the second-ever episode of Saturday Night Live (October 18, 1975); Art Garfunkel joined him for "The Boxer" (in the turkey clip), "Scarborough Fair," and "My Little Town."

"American Tune" from their 2003 Old Friends tour (Art Garfunkel's in the same outfit with a blue shirt).
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Very nice, kirkaracha... I was planning to do this as a future post. :)
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Why cant anyone find the search button on youtube??
I kid I kid great work!!
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As a kid, this was one of my favorite albums. "Well is great to do a neighborhood concert. I hope everyone can hear us. I hope that the sound is good. I hope we are blasting Central Park West and Fifth avenue pretty much away. I just want to thank the police department and the fire department and the parks commissioner, and Ed Koch. [Audience boos, garfunkel laughs] And particularly, you know, people that never get recognized for doing good things for the city, a group of people that have donated half of the proceeds that they're making tonight, the guys who are selling loose joints are giving the city half of their income tonight." Classic stuff for a 12 year old kid. Then they launch in to America or something. Would have loved to have been there.
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I'm still mad at Yoko for breaking up Simon and Garfunkel.
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I listened to this album an insane amount of time as a kid. Thanks for this!
posted by ORthey at 10:28 AM on September 1, 2007

And Art singing the line "September I remember" will always give me chills.
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That's a great version of American Tune. Hadn't heard it with harmonies before.
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It's the poetry of drugs and promiscuous sex. Look at the picture on the cover, they're on pot.
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I was there. We didn't get to the park until noon. Sat there all afternoon guarding our spot. As the sun set we began to realize that the concert had started awhile earlier -- we were too far away to hear anything at all. So this is the first time I've seen or heard any of this -- thanks!
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Bah. Still kicking myself that I didn't go to this. Just a quick train ride in from Jersey and I blew it off.
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I'm embarrassed to admit this, but I always get a kick out of the nasty little look Simon shoots at Garfunkel after the latter screws up near the beginning of The Boxer.
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I like the new verse in The Boxer, always one of my favorite S&G songs. They added a chorus about putting their differences behind them. It doesn't make sense in the song itself, which I always felt was more about the loneliness & struggle of making it in the big city & the , but it's still nice to see an acknowledgement of the 20 years or so that had passed between the duo's formation & the reunion. For those unfamiliar with the song, the new verse is:

"Now the years are rolling by me, they are rocking evenly, and I'm older than I once was, and younger than I'll be - that's not unusual. No, it isn't strange, after changes upon changes we are more or less the same, after changes, we are more or less the same"

They kick into this new verse at the 2:23 section of the song, and after you can see Art reach up & pat Paul on the back.
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the "Late in the Evening" encore didn't get put on the album

Sure it did. I remember it well. I looooved that tape when I was a kid.
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Wikipedia inaccuracy shocker!

I always get a kick out of the nasty little look Simon shoots at Garfunkel

Maybe he was pissed off at the imbalance of solo songs in the set. One Art Garfunkel song, eight Paul Simon songs.

After the concert they went on a world tour in 1982-83 and recorded an album, Think Too Much. The album was really personal (about Simon's failed marriages to Peggy Harper and Princess Leia), so they were both uncomfortable with Garfunkel singing them. Simon scrapped Garfunkel's vocals and released is as his solo Hearts and Bones.
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Saw a poster at the movie theater today for an upcoming David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd) performance that will be shown live in theaters. In the small print at the bottom of the poster it says that he will perform one song. WTF?
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I actually went to this concert.
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jonson -- thanks for verifying that was indeed a new verse they added to THE BOXER. I heard that version a few years ago, thought it was a new verse, but could not find documentation.
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Very cool. Some of Simon's newer stuff sure does sound different.
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Raised in an FM-free house, in a suburb too far away to get real rock on AM, S&G were my most favorite musicians. Their breakup was far more important to me than the Beatles. Then I bought my own FM radio, and discovered the world was far greater than I'd ever imagined.

A favorite tune of theirs? No one of them rises to the top. But I will say, I miss being able to sing Bridge Over Troubled Waters without excess strain. The high notes, they aren't so easy anymore.

I do not recall whether I knew of this concert when it happened. I was living a very pleasant 30 minute train ride from Penn Station. Maybe I was just working too hard to face a crowd. Maybe I just didn't hear about it. ::sigh::
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