March 19, 2001
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Salon is not known for their satire, but this "Bushonics"article gives the Onion a run for its money. Or at least, I hope it's satirical: "Among the military's top brass, the dialect is considered to be the unofficial language of the Pentagon."
posted by bison (27 comments total)
Ohh yeah, serious run for their money.
Microsoft goes bankrupt, Oscar-Meyer Inc. gives run for money, film at 11.
posted by tiaka at 11:42 AM on March 19, 2001

OH puhlease, these is just another democrat attempt to discredit president Bush, He speaks fine, quit exaggerating verbal misques. Id rather he mispronounce than lie straight face like Clinton.
posted by RightWinger at 11:50 AM on March 19, 2001

RightWinger: I am sure Bush can do both at the same time. And will. Remember that campaign promise about carbon dioxide?
posted by terrapin at 11:53 AM on March 19, 2001

posted by solistrato at 11:56 AM on March 19, 2001

Soli, plenty of anti-Clinton stuff found its way to MeFi during his administration, including humorous Onion articles and the like. No one cried "troll" back then...
posted by wiremommy at 12:06 PM on March 19, 2001

Salon making fun of a republican? Inconcievable!
posted by revbrian at 12:12 PM on March 19, 2001

these is?
posted by crunchland at 12:12 PM on March 19, 2001

No, I meant RightWinger. Sorry, should have been more specific.
posted by solistrato at 12:39 PM on March 19, 2001

Funniest thing about the satire was that it had to actually be labelled "satire"... I half believed it. Of course, that's the trick, isn't it. =)
posted by silusGROK at 12:53 PM on March 19, 2001

Soli - sorry. I thought it was kinda weird that you'd be calling the thread a troll, but it's getting hard to keep track of individual posters. :-/
posted by wiremommy at 12:57 PM on March 19, 2001

Let's let our Fearless Leader speak for himself. Slate has "Bushism of The Day", whereby Dubya hoists himself by his own petard. Who needs to make this stuff up?
posted by briank at 1:07 PM on March 19, 2001

whereby Dubya hoists himself by his own petard

posted by anapestic at 1:16 PM on March 19, 2001

Don't you mean, "He speaks well," or "His speech is fine," RightWinger? I will assume you also meant "This is" instead of "These is" and "straight faced" rather than "straight face" as well. Or is this article not as satirical as we may have thought?
posted by donkeymon at 1:17 PM on March 19, 2001

I can't believe the way peoples always post commentarity on the President's abilitude to speakify. They are all just enviable of his intellijuice.
posted by quirked at 1:19 PM on March 19, 2001

donkeyman, youre just sore Bush is in the white house, you bed wetting liberal! The democractic crybabies need their diapers changed!
posted by RightWinger at 1:21 PM on March 19, 2001

donkey: my understanding are that RightWinger was satiricizing additionally like with the previously aforelinked article.

when are we going to see a Bushonics version of AYBABTU? Come on, people, you're disappointing me here.
posted by Sapphireblue at 1:24 PM on March 19, 2001

Wow, one day and you've pulled a mini-Freep. Troll.
posted by owillis at 1:24 PM on March 19, 2001

We have doublepostguy, maybe we need TrollOMeterguy?
posted by john at 1:29 PM on March 19, 2001

I say we give RightWinger a little Free Republic schooling: "Tweet! Disruptor! Disruptor! Call Jim Robinson! Must not disagree with site consensus! Tweet!" Is a verbal "misque" anything like a tomato "bisque"? Ah, hell, just another troll.

(Hoisting oneself by one's own petard makes more sense if you realize that a "petard" was a bomb. It's about a demolitions expert blowing himself up.)
posted by dhartung at 1:33 PM on March 19, 2001

Strange, I was thinking it was a lance-like weapon. However, you and bartlebys prove me wrong.

I wouldn't have posted, except the etymology is even funnier than a bomb:

French p├ętard, from Old French, from peter, to break wind, from pet, a breaking of wind, from Latin pditum from neuter past participle of pdere, to break wind.
posted by daver at 1:52 PM on March 19, 2001

People, people, people.

It's hoist upon one's own petard. That way it makes real sense. Read the Bard.
posted by anapestic at 1:56 PM on March 19, 2001

I'm never going to get the opportunity to tell this joke, and it's almost appropriate here:

In college, I was in a Latin class translating Petronius' Satyricon. At one point, a character in the story is ordered "dextro pede!" This is easily translated as "with/on the right (as opposed to left) foot." (The person was crossing a threshold and they were being ordered to do it with the right foot...)

My friend, though, didn't realize that "pede" should be translated as the ablative of "foot" and instead thought that it was the imperative of the above verb "pedeo" - "break wind," so he translated it as "break wind on the right!" Grammatically, there is nothing wrong with this translation...

(Sorry, I've been waiting to tell that story for 5 years.)
posted by MarkAnd at 2:05 PM on March 19, 2001

Bushonics: I don't care if those sci-fiction peoples hoist up their own Picards, we're still having a tax cut.
posted by daver at 2:27 PM on March 19, 2001

quirked is that bush or don king? :) actually they're similar, except Don King is more euphonicallistically talentacious.
posted by chaz at 2:44 PM on March 19, 2001

I wonder what the ramepercussions of having such a mispeeched president will be. Surely he has some kind of valid strategery.
posted by swank6 at 3:59 PM on March 19, 2001

I can't tell whether the misspellings and bad grammar in this thread is on purpose or not. Ack.
posted by john at 5:06 PM on March 19, 2001

It's hoist upon one's own petard. That way it makes real sense. Read the Bard

Gasp! I am shamed to have ruined my esoteric witticism by misquoting the Bard. Perhaps dear RightWinger can give us some immortal words from the Shrub to lessen my faux pas.

(thanks to dhartung and anapestic for explaining my remarks to the trollish folks and pointing out my error)
posted by briank at 6:11 PM on March 19, 2001

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