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Learn to Play Guitar! Justin, of (not the dork with the TV camera strapped to his head) offers over 100 free video guitar lessons for absolute noobs & guitar enthusiasts, with lesson categories & written instrx as well. For people who want tablature to play along, the good people of Guitar Video Tabs provide full tab notation under videos hundreds of popular songs.
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I like that in the past hour, 4 people have come by to favorite this post, and nobody has seen fit to comment on it. MeFites WANT to get laid more often, they just don't feel like discussing it.

I have, of course, favorited it.
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Sounds like justinguitar isn't too happy with it:
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Well, this is pretty cool, but really, if you want to play guitar for real you should take lessons from a human. Here is my current favorite guitarist, and even better, he gives lessons too. Joe Morris rules. He's playing with David S. Ware these days; now how cool is that? Check him out, and David too. (thanks languagehat for turning me on to Ware and crew- it was my absolute best find on mefi to date.)
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I actually thought the videos from the Guitar Grimoire were pretty helpful (if intensely cheesy), but this was pretty good too.
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He's playing with David S. Ware these days

Weird coincidence - I've been taking my guitar lessons from Chris Ware. We spent the first six months on drawing inanely intricate musical notation.
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There's nothing like having someone (who cares) there to say "Don't hold it like that! Jesus! You're going to give yourself an RSI."
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Learning guitar and getting laid ... both may lead to the Clap.
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I'm going to favorite and comment. I've been meaning to look up some tutorials on youtube, but it can be such a crapflood that I've been to intimidated to even begin. Now I don't have to!

And jonson, Chris Ware is the only cartoonist I can think of that could properly notate the blues. Just looking at my copy of Acme Novelty Library makes me want to drink myself to death.
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I've always wanted to become proficient at some sort of instrument, but avoided the guitar as it seemed too common. Everyone messes around with it at some point or another. But really, I've gone this long without pursuing anything else, so maybe I ought to give in and join the crowd.
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this just reminds me of the Advanced Fast Hand Finger Wizard Master Class.

someday i'll try to learn guitar again.
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I wish there was this for harmonica.
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@chuckdarwin: I feel you; but there are lots of us folk out here who find ourselves too schedule-driven to work out time to learn during normal hours, and before we make the commitment, something like this is almost a godsend. And in the end, it almost certainly drives us to find a real, live human being to play along with and learn from. Thanks, jonson!
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Justin rules! He's one of the biggest contributions to my finally deciding to buy a guitar last month.

Also worth a try is David Taub at Next Level Guitar. He charges membership fees to see all videos, but i found it well worth the money.

Both of them would have much better sites if it weren't for the RIAA thinking that guitar lessons infringe on copyrights, but that's another story.

Guitar Video Tabs looks good too, I'm going to enjoy it for the next week before the RIAA gets it taken down. They shouldn't use videos from people like Justin without permission, though.
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I've watched these before and really like his style of teaching. And glad to see he's back as all of his youtube videos were pulled in July. Story here.
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just seen his website and was about to say.. well, this can be found anywhere, and his information is often useless (since he doesn't go back to theory to explain chord shapes and so on) but upon watching some of his vids, I have to say that this material is really useful, and ideally paced to allow the student to catch what's being said. With the tab + video, it's about the best material you're going to get anywhere.
To my mind, an excellent place to begin.
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This is really good! Youtube is awash with crap of every variety, but this guy really seems to care and know what he's doing.
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Does the RIAA know about this? I mean, why would I buy a CD when I can sit at home and play the music myself?
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