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I-75 project Norm Magnusson's signage as art/protest. other projects by the same fellow.
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Normally the whole 'signage as art' thing finds me unimpressed, but I actually kind of liked these.

And while I don't know who Rob't Hass is, he sounds like my kind of person.
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Trying to come up with one and it's hard to make it subversive and not obviously partisan.

The last Truffula tree.
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Nice project, actually. I can just imagine the nods in agreement with the one about gay marriage. "Yup, a genuine hero."

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Ignoring the signs for a moment, this guy is crazy-talented. Damn.
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Odd juxtaposition: Complaining that a woman died because she could not afford her prescriptions, and complaining about the "Big Box" store, that now offers low cost prescriptions. I don't think you can have your cake and eat it too. Is he just complaining because it's cool, or did he give this any thought?
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Is he just complaining because it's cool, or did he give this any thought?
Have you read the list of medications included in WalMart's $4 prescription plan? As laudable as the plan is, it's hardly exhaustive and is strictly a short list of available generics. If your malady requires medication not on the list (there's only one cancer med on the list, for instance) you're back to affordability problem.

In any case, the two issues (big box stores pushing-out local merchants, influencing producers to move operations offshore, etc; and the ability of patients to afford medication) are separate issues, really, only tenuously connected by the thin thread you raise.
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Gah, some of them were ok, but most were pretty heavy-handed. I get plenty of preachy left-wing gospel as it is.

Besides, there is no way his I-75 Project can compete with the true symbol of I-75: Butter Christ. And yes, of course it is in Ohio.
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Is he just complaining because it's cool, or did he give this any thought?

who said he's complaining?
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whoops. i guess it's apparent that i'm a bit of a leftist.
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an acquaintence sent him an email, here is an excerpt from the reply
"The I-75 Project is only a plan and not a reality. I am working on a couple of public art fund organizations to help me make it happen, but so far it's just a dream.

The signs are made of cast aluminum and krylon acrylic paint and so far there's been very little negative reaction to them. If the I-75 Project does become a reality, I'll have to make 44 more signs and I'll try hard to write some them differing political points of view. Should be interesting. (And challenging.) ....CNN.com emailed yesterday too to do a piece for their site. Very exciting....
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