Murder will out itself
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Krystian Bala has been convicted of murder in Wroclaw. Bala, the author of the grisly 2000 crime novel Amok, claimed to have taken his book's plot from news reports about the killing of a local businessman. Police were skeptical after learning that the novel contained details known only to the investigators and the killer himself. Bala was arrested in 2005, interrogated, and eventually released for lack of convincing evidence; he finally went on trial this past summer. His lawyer claims the case against him was circumstantial, but e-mail sent from Indonesia and South Korea gave Bala away.
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Am hoping some of our Polish MeFites can elaborate, especially on the secret details of the crime.
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I was in Wroclaw last spring and I cannot believe that such a crime occured there. It was so boring!
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How did the emails give him away?

"Yeah, I wrote those emails when I heard about this case. I thought it was a darn perfect murder. I got interested in the case and collected lots of material about it. And then I decided to write a book based on it."
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I wonder if OJ is jealous that Bala got his book published and if Bala is jealous that OJ got off scott free.
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So the lessons here are 1) when you write a novel based on the murder you committed don't include all the actual gory details, 2) figure we've all heard about this movie, and 3) follow scarabic's body-disposal advice.

In this case I think just changing a few details for the novel might have worked though. Why not have your fictional crominal encase the body in cement under a stadium like the Mob did with Hoffa? I've never seen that in a novel before.
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Is "Bala" Polish for "hubris"?
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I'm guessing he didn't send them as himself (or sign them) in the straightforward way you suggest.
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I read in a newspaper today that he sold the victim's mobile phone on eBay using his own account. If that's true, then boy is he dumb.
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I must have read something similar afx237vi, because I was thinking the same thing.

Hmm, take a consumer electronic which, by definition of the way it works, is required to have a trackable identification system, and sell it using your password protected, IP logged, pay-pal bank account tied account.

If the news reports are completely accurate, and he's not claiming that he's been set up, then he's done.
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1) Commit murder
2) Write a fiction paperback about it.
3) Profit! Lose your publishing deal after public outcry. Go to jail.

Getting Better....
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*takes notes for novel based on life of author who commits the perfect murder and publishes novel about it, but is caught and gets sent to jail*
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"Police were skeptical after learning that the novel contained details known only to the investigators and the killer himself."

This is the second time today I'm writing this, but...I don't think that phrase means what you think it means. I'd guess that the police were a lot less skeptical after they learned the novel contained details known only to they and the killer.
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That's what I get for eliding. I meant they were skeptical that he had derived his information solely from news reports.
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I can only suppose that our author Mr. Bala will have an even more lucrative book deal, with guaranteed translations into other languages no less, if he is cleared of the charges. Hell, even if he isn't.
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Skeptical that it was fictional, was the way I read it.
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"Krystian Bala"? This story is going to get better when they discover he's been making a splash in Hollywood under a similar name.
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Wroclaw? Wrocklaw? Reklaw? Hmm...
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More like VROTswav.
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... but with a sort of soft 'T' sound.
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Seems like he may have wanted to be caught?
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Well now he's got the plot for his second novel, right?
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How did the emails give him away?

Some person with great interest in the story (enough to be tracking it closely and commenting on it) happened to be in certain faraway countries when Bala was. That wouldn't put him away, but it was part of the pile of circumstantial evidence that put cops on to him and eventually put him in jail for at least planning the murder -- they can't prove he actually did it, but he can't say he didn't know about it.

He claimed he didn't know or meet the victim, but police showed that he called the victim before the murder and he sold a phone just after the murder that appears to have been the victim's missing phone. In his book, he described the torture and murder in sufficient detail (I don't think the cops have said exactly how, luckily, but something involving starvation and distended limbs) that they believe the author must have read the police files or been involved in the murder. And he even confessed under interrogation, though he then retracted his statement and claimed the police tortured him.
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He rout himself out.
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He wrote himself off.
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