The Art of War
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Friday Fun Time: Fight sequences are always fun to watch, but even more fun, I've learned, when they're animated. There are some great fights with some great characters like stick figures, monks and even fuzz-ball heads. Even the classic animator vs animation fights are pretty good (volume 1,2).

Look Ma! No YouTube links (thanks to aniBoom and MyTunes)
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The "monks" one was excellent, but no stick figure fighting post can be complete without mentioning Xiao Xiao.
posted by Skorgu at 9:05 AM on September 7, 2007

Well, I just accidentally found this, which is a stick-person Time Crisis flash game. (spacebar to reload!)
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the monk one was funny. did anyone else notice that the jesus statue that gets cut in half seemed to be anatomically correct-ish?
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Tsk, I can't believe you didn't include The Duel!
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No discussion of animated fight sequences can be considered complete without the inclusion of Killer Bean 2.
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Wow, "The Duel" was fantastic!

The Killer Bean is a standout for good choreography and editing.

And I am glad someone posted Xiao Xiao's stick figure fights. The other one pales in comparison.
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Well, hellfire. I want the song from that 'monk' link. Anyone have a suggestion? My searching for 'Ace Off' is failing me, I found a MySPace link that lets me listen, but not download. And the box I'm on won't let me check iTunes.
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