Hans Christian Andersen
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The Hans Christian Andersen Digital Collections of the Odense City Museums includes his drawings, papercuts, picture books and collage screens as well as portraits of him and people he knew, manuscripts, pictures of his study and more. If you wish to read his fairytales might I suggest the illustrated Oxford Complete Edition Fairy Tales And Other Stories from 1914.
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Good stuff. Anderson's period of literature is pretty fascinating in general for its shared revival and reinterpretations of childhood, folktales, mythologies and (sometimes troubling) symbologies.
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Wonderful topic kattullus. I love his stories.

"the worlds biggest online portrait-gallery of Hans Christian Andersen, by contemporary artists".

Hans Christian Anderson was such an extraordinary story teller. Born 202 years ago, his stories seem to me to be way ahead of his time.

Always liked Danny Kaye's Hans Christian Anderson. Hans Christian Anderson on YouTube.
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Happened to be an article on the guy posted on Arts and Letters Daily today. Read it! Better than Wilipedia!
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fixed link. Wikipedia, not Wilipedia.
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oh marvelous - thanks!
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