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Streaming NFL Games

This was on the front page of Digg last November, so I don't feel I'm allowing any cats out of any bags here.
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Wow. As a fan of the perennially over-paid, under-performing, and often out of contention Redskins -- living outside of the Washington DC media market -- this may make my fall much more pleasant. And frustrating.
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So what's this SopCast thing? Google seems to suggest it's on the level, but I'm always a little afraid of free-as-in-beer but not as-in-speech software that offers something for nothing.

This may cause me to watch football again.
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Incomplete play...2006 Digg thread penalty...Ars Technica not within bounds of FPP. DIRECT TV's SuperFan additionally not called to the blue.

*runs off field*

*air horn*
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SopCast is great for soccer, too.
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wfc123 do you know if sopcast carried the Gold Cup this year?
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Hmmm... reviews about SopCast 1.1.2 from seem to indicate that it's a bad deal. Trojans. A sample review:

Pros: Pros: Nothing

Cons: Cons:It is trojan horse infested, please remove it.

btw, what do i do if i already extracted the files?

Which is a damn shame, since the Spousal Equivalent would have really enjoyed watching The Steelers.

I wonder... is there any way to use this program WITHOUT the danger?
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According to this, an overzealous version of AVG antivirus was identifying SopCast as a virus. The updated version of AVG no longer does so. SopCast has been around for years, and it's great.
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I have no idea, oddman.

SopCast is fantastic if you like soccer, live in the U.S. and can't stand MLS.

I've used it for months and it's fine. I don't have a dish so I can't get Setanta. With this thing, I will never need a dish.
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Copyright infringement is fun.
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And free!
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Being a curious sort, I downloaded sopcast.

While it may, itself, not be malware, it is a vector for an array of programs which are. Within moments of installing and trying to view a channel or two my PC had downloaded no fewer than 5 malware apps:

- one of which claimed to be antispyware and more or less demanded ransom to remove some of the *other* stuff that had downloaded along with it

- one of which would not be removed by windows add/remove programs and forced the download of a separate uninstaller (which, while it appears to have done exactly what it said it did, could have done most anything at all)

If I had actually done all this on a Windows PC I might be freaking out right about now, but I did all this in a Parallels window on a Mac, and will now delete and reinstall my Windows image so that I don't have anything persistent hangin' around.

Oh... and despite all that, and having had to open my firewall to allow sopcast to do its thing, I didn't see a single working channel.

Your mileage may vary.
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Oh well, at ~$2900 for two season tickets, plus DirectTV to see the games outside of my zone which costs something like $250 this year (now with a $99 add-on to view it via the Internet!), the NFL is really fucking over the casual fan. It seems to be their mystique, that if you aren't completely dedicated to football and can pay the huge premium they charge, they don't really want you.

That said, hopefully NFL is beginning to do something right. I really, really enjoy the NFL Network and bringing on hosts who not only know the technical aspects of the game, won't go on crazy Madden color commentary rants. I remember watching a game with Bryant Gumbel and Dick Vermeil. I absolutely loved it. It eschewed the hyperbolic jock commentary that usually runs. With digital cable, and the amount that the NFL charges for games, I should at least be able to chose my commentators, which would preferably be the local radio announcers (Philadelphia and Kansas City having the most intelligent set of personalities I have run into yet).

I fear that, like any entity with a monopoly over their industry, change will come slow and at a high price to the consumer. I'd much rather see and end to this feudal reign and more control put to individual organizations. To the Patriots want to run an HD cast with local commentary on their web site? Let them.
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Your mileage may vary.

Huh, did that happen to anyone else? Because mine worked fine. It ran fine and didn't try to install anything else (that I'm aware of anyway). Some of the channels were offline and it's a little laggy but I found it entertaining over all. And I'll probably be watching NFL games on it.
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And the NFL lawyers will be showing up in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1
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deCadmus, wow, none of that has happened to me. Where did you download from? I downloaded from / and have had no problems. Did you open up your firewall just for SopCast, or for all programs? If the latter, maybe something else on your system caused the problems. What were the malware programs called and how did they communicate with you? Browser pop-ups or something?
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at ~$2900 for two season tickets

Damn, geoff, who are you rooting for? My pair of Giants season tix cost about half that much. Well unless you add in the years people spend on "The List" waiting for them.
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So far as the NFL lawyers go, "Thbbbt!".

Maybe they can take that message back with the additional note that the NFL is missing out on the revenue they'd make if I -- and lots of people like me -- could subscribe to out-of-market games through my cable operator. I'd be willing to pay a stupid amount of money to watch all the Kansas City Chiefs games here in Vermont, and I'd likely pay an on-demand fee to see some other regional games, too.
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I've been using sopcast for a few months now to watch soccer and haven't had any problems.

And yes, oddman, you could have seen all the Gold Cup action. You'll also be able to watch USA-Brazil tomorrow. Just about every game you could care to watch is here.
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I read something in a trade magazine about the NFL streaming games to those that buy the Direct TV Sunday Ticket package. Apparently they give you a code to use, which you can share with a friend, because they felt it wasn't any different than inviting friends over to watch the game anyway. I haven't heard anything about it since though. Is this familiar to anyone?
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I've been using Sopcast and sites that embed the TVU player for about six months now, and I haven't had any problems at all.

There's also a version of Sopcast that acts as a movie-on-demand player. Now that my laptop hates.
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Is there a way to open multiple windows in Sopcast?
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Damn, geoff, who are you rooting for? My pair of Giants season tix cost about half that much. Well unless you add in the years people spend on "The List" waiting for them.

Kansas City Chiefs, Club Level (2) - $1900
Parking - $448/season
Playoffs, plus preseason, plus the one "giant" $7.50 beer a game get very close to $3000, if not over. Chiefs versus Raiders when it is so cold it doesn't even snow and you can't feel your feet? Priceless.

This season of HBO's Hard Knocks has me excited for what will surely be an otherwise mediocre rebuilding year.
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I don't think you have to worry about paying for the playoffs this year, geoff.
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Yeah, that had to be the worst game they've played in at least ten seasons.
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