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Writer's Links. Write better, or at the very least, more authentically, with this list of hundreds of resources for writers of all shades. For example, writing a jazz age screenplay? This guide to 1920's slang will be handy. Need help getting your procedural legal drama accurate? Try the Jurisdictionary. Enjoy tormenting your readers? This list of Tom Swifties will do the trick nicely.

Found (once again!) via.
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I tried to resurrect Swifties once before, but alas ... they seem moribund.

Rob said mournfully.
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(the via is very nsfw)
posted by empath at 9:04 PM on September 9, 2007

I don't get what a Tom Swifty is, I said darkly.
posted by jiiota at 9:05 PM on September 9, 2007

"The Electric Eclectic" had been one of my favorite meta-sites for years
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jiiota, you mean "dimly."
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jiiota, you mean "dimly."

actually, that's correct if he really doesn't get it.
posted by mr_book at 9:22 PM on September 9, 2007 Highly recommended.
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I suppose asking for a the pony of being able to add a Tom Swifty after the "posted by [username]" would be too much... would be the bomb diggity, yo. I can just see it now, posted by Kattullus wistfully at 12:39 AM

God I loved Tom Swift when I was a kid.
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two that were missed...

"This rocket came from outer space," Tom said exorbitantly.
"Look under the green Jell-o," said Tom sublimely.
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Exploring that extraordinary treasure of links, wow. Thanks jonson.
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Write better

Write much more better!
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Hey, I use about two-thirds of that "20s slang"! Mind you, here in Australia it takes a while for us to get all the latest American lingo. Only 60 more years to go then before we start saying "bodacious" and "kaa-waa-bunga!".
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Still my all-time favorite Tom Swifty: "I'm experimenting with homosexuality," Tom said, half in earnest.
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Since it doesn't seem to have been put here yet, a repository of links about writing for comics from a just-deleted post by kittens for breakfast. Thanks, kittens! And for this post, jonson.
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