Death Takes A Holiday. Sort Of.
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How To Cope With Death. Fun, short, animated film. If only we could do this with the tax collector.
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How To Cope With Death is Ignacio Ferreras' first film. Ignacio developed the idea whilst he was one of the Animators in Residence for MOMI, it was later commissioned by Channel 4. Ignacio then approached Daniel Greaves and Nigel Pay, directors of Tandem Films and the result is How To Cope With Death, produced by Lynn Hollowell and Nigel Pay and written, directed and animated by Ignacio Ferreras.

Oliver Davis

A contemporary allegory offering a modern solution to the problem, which has haunted Humankind since time began.

Death, the Grim Reaper, descends upon a very old woman. She seems ripe enough to be harvested, but appearance can be deceitful; this is one old woman who knows how to cope with death.
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Points awarded for the part with the fire extinguisher. Points deducted for awful synth-brass music.
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God it makes me feel good to see someone putting that much effort into animation.
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That's got a great look to it - the visual style reminded me a little of the Triplets of Belleville.

More of the studio's work on their website under films/short films.
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If only we could do this with the tax collector.

I'd settle for being able to do it with death!
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Death takes a holiday severe beating.
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The linked short is fantastic, aesthetically speaking.

Ideologically speaking, the video is yet another rehearsal of the idea that death is an evil to be conquered and immortality is achievable and desirable.
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I was thinking the same thing mistersquid: why do so many people assume death would be a sadistic creep with an evil grin? There's such a strange disjunct in our modern relationship with death; on the one hand, we fetishize it, while on the other we ignore and make a taboo of it - while somewhere in the middle, it carries on dutifully playing its part in nearly every single process that gives us life. Is it to be feared? Sure, but only if that fear is a healthy one, in that it leads us to try and understand.

[/plate of beans]
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...immortality is achievable and desirable.

If you don't want your remaining years, I'll take them.
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Yeah, I agree. Having nursed some really old people, I know death isn't always evil. For some, it's a friend who will someday take your hand and lead you out of the confines of your failing body so you can be free and peaceful. Not something scary.
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That was funny. Thanks.
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The point being that, in this case, the woman looked like one of miss lynnster's old folk, but was in fact not. If snoozing in front of the TV was a reason for the grim reaper to come visting I wouldn't have made it to 20 let alone 30.

Why is there a supposition here that "old" = "ready to die"?
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But death doesn't lead you anywhere. There's nothing less free than not existing, and while that might be preferable to being in a badly failing body (among other scenarios), that just means bodies suck, not that death is good.

If someone's going to lead me out of the confines of my failing body, I want it to be an incremental backup service, not entropy. Free to die, not die to free, or something.
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thanks, bwg - loved the visual style.
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Brilliant! The style reminds me of "Belleville Rendez-vous", but also a bit of Monkey Dust. Thanks for the post.
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