Michael Dudok de Wit
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Michael Dudok de Wit : Animator

His website is under construction. He also contributed in T.R.A.N.S.I.T.
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Sorry, the title of the third link should be : Tom Sweep.
posted by kudzu at 3:14 PM on September 10, 2007

that first one was really lovely. the lighting was incredible.
posted by shmegegge at 3:51 PM on September 10, 2007

Oh cool! I stumbled on Father and Daughter one night while randomly surfing YT, and could not remember how to get back to it. Serendipity!
posted by sidereal at 4:30 PM on September 10, 2007

I think Le Moine et Le Poisson is one of the most remarkable animations I've seen. So simple... so striking. Thanks.
posted by deCadmus at 8:39 PM on September 10, 2007

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I saw Father and Daughter years and years ago, and hadn't the faintest clue how to find it again. I love these simple, emotive animations (and likewise hate the overly-complex, hardly animated, emotionless and lifeless contrast found in some anime). Awesome stuff.
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These are really lovely and well designed. I've never seen his work before, thanks for the intoduction!
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"The Monk and the Fish" was about as fine a Christian film as I've seen in a long, long time. Very sweet and touching and says a lot about the search for God's grace without saying anything at all.
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Father and Daughter made me cry, and Le Moine et Le Poisson is so beautiful. Thank you.
posted by rhapsodie at 10:37 PM on September 11, 2007

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