The Israeli Beatles -- Kaveret
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Danny Sanderson. Alon Olearchik. Gidi Gov. Yoni Rechter. Ephraim Shamir. Meir Fenigstein. Yitzhak Klapter. Together, they are probably Israel's most famous band Kaveret. What to hear their most famous song? Yo Ya. Want to know what it means? Here ya go. Want more Kaveret? Kol Hakavod.

whew! that was exhausting! well, there it is -- my first FPP. Let the carnage begin.
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Your favorite Yiddish band sucks? Naw, they sound pretty fun. They don't have anything on the Finns though.
posted by anthill at 8:04 PM on September 10, 2007

.אל תדאג, ביל. יהיה בסדר
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בדיוק מה שרציתי להגיד - זה לא ענין כל כך גדול
לא מוצא חן בעיניהם? שיקפצו לך
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More Israeli psych-rock goodness.
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Man, this is like screening The Yellow Submarine for a non-English-speaking audience. A big part of Kaveret is deadpan wordplay that veers far off the edge of sanity into a universe governed by Blue Meanies, or Poogy, or something, but go find a decent translation. The first video (HaMakolet) under the Kol Hakavod link is unfortunately a perfect example.

That said, thanks for the post!
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Well, I loved Yo Ya, lullabyofbirdland, and I don't speak a word of Hebrew. Thanks, wittgenstein!
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I never thought I'd get a chance to say this on MetaFilter, but I prefer Gidi Gov's solo work.
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Hah, I'm glad. :-) I wasn't saying their music's not good on its own, it's just that the writing's hilarious.
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I know I'm not the only one that danced to this at Camp Ramah back in the day. There has to be *someone* else out there in MeFi land that remembers this song ... other than the OP of course. (Thanks wittgenstein!)
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