9/11: I Hear America Singing
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Back in 2001, amateur musicians seeking exposure on my.mp3.com responded spontaneously to the 9/11 attacks by posting their own heartfelt musical tributes to the event, which included the Wings cover Taliban on the Run, the anti-abortion ambient synth rock of Unborn Baby of Tower One, and the Christian numerology of Wayne and Liz's 9-11 Warning. More recent tributes can be found on YouTube and elsewhere, including the pro-Bush emo of 9 11 Vision of You, What Does Nine 11 Mean 2 U from "blog 'n' roller" Dr. B.L.T., and the Moby-ish The 9/11 Memorial Song. Meanwhile, YouTube has inspired somebody to ponder if you can make 9/11 look more "funny" by adding the Benny Hill theme song.
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Immediately after 9-11 happened, The Daily Herald (where I worked at the time) was bombarded with poetry written by locals who apparently believed that, in times of national emergency, The Daily Herald became a literary journal...
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Pfft. Yakety Sax doesn't make things funny unless you have something large falling down, then run the film backwards so it falls up again with a "boioioing" sound effect. This is a perfect opportunity missed.

My brother worked in the WTC and survived; I can say anything I damn well please. I know he does.
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Man. Nine One One is a joke.
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Agreed, tribute.wmv missed a lot of opportunities. The crowd running back and forth was good, but I would have preferred the plane ramming back and forth at hilarious speed, or as darksalami says, the towers boioioioinging back up.
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I would've preferred tribute.wmv to have been even straighter and longer. Fairly unedited footage with Yakety Sax playing over it. Not the Enya fakeout or the sped-up crowd. That said, it's the first thing today that's made me remember how horrible I felt 6 years ago.
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This song sums up American life six years after 9-11-01 for me.
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A friend of mine lost her brother to this war, and this has prompted her to take a little trip. His name was Liet. Col. Eric John Kruger. Her name's Kristy. I know she's not the only one, but not everyone who has this happen to a loved one suddenly feels the need to learn more about the country for which such a sacrifice was made. My heart goes out to her and if yours does too, I urge you to support her in whatever way you wish.

I was gonna mention that list that I mention every year, but that's infinitely less important than this.
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My favorite 9-11 tribute of course is by Mos Def and Immortal Technique.
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My heart goes out to her and if yours does too, I urge you to support her in whatever way you wish.

That's definitely interesting. She should blog the whole thing (and post it to Projects, of course).
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"and post it to Projects, of course"

I thought Projects was for MeFites? I don't think she's a MeFite. Also, she is blogging, but in Myspace, which I don't personally frequent very often.
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A friend of mine lost her brother to this war

War? This post is about 9/11 not Iraq...
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War? This post is about 9/11 not Iraq...

Please tell me you're being facetious. Sometimes I can't tell over the tubes.
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Just in case you hadn't realized it, CrossOverman, we were in war with terrorists long before Nine Eleven. Only the terrorists were seemingly aware of it. America has had enemies, both foreign and domestic, for centuries, but we never thought they could actually bring down the giant on our own soil. You'd think the fundies and neocons woulda read about David and Goliath in that little book of theirs. Hrmmm..

The "evil-dewers" tried to bring down the twin towers a whole decade before they succeeded. Just cuz you don't know you're in a war, doesn't mean it's not there. They say it takes two to tango, but it only takes one to kill.

When 9/11 happened, Shrub made the obvioius connection to a war his daddy had fought a decade before. He was off the mark, but the sentiment's there. It is all connected. Just not quite the way Shrub thought, and apparently not how you think it is either, CrossOverman. In fact, I doubt it's connected quite how I think it is, but then, I try not to think about it.
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