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Old Magazine Articles Neat little database of .pdf copies of vintage magazine articles like Gilbert Seldes' 1922 review of Krazy Kat in Vanity Fair, a 1910 look at "Horse Versus Automobile," early nose jobs, an interview with James Joyce and more. [via ResearchBuzz]
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I just wanted to say that Djuna Barnes, the author of that James Joyce interview, is a great and sadly neglected writer. You can find her other interviews in the collection "Interviews".

Thanks for the post.
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This is pretty cool. The articles on lynching, particularly from the Congressional Digest in 1922 over the debates over the Dyer anti-lynching bill, are really fascinating. Apparently if you Federally prohibit lynching then "the people" won't take it upon themselves to prevent lynching because they'll expect the Feds to do it. Who knew?
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Wow. Bookmarked, and thanks for the post.
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Excellent find. Thanks.
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I like that Nasenformer - similar devices are still on the market today, but less unwieldy. Or more wieldy!
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The article on Krazy Kat is very cool. I hadn't seen any sort of intellectual consideration of comics prior to the 1970's before. That it's for Krazy Kat is not suprising.
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I was going to comment on Joyce's fashion sense too! Seriously, a purple waistcoat covered in alternating doe and dog heads? Huuurrgh. Maybe his underwear had clowns on it.

Not only is the waistcoat ridiculously overornate, the description of it is as well. "[T]he dogs [were] no more ferocious or on the scent than any good animal who adheres to his master through the seven cycles of change." What in the world? The only reference Google gives for "the seven cycles of change" is this very interview. After a bit of searching, I ended up finding this article. Maybe this isn't what Barnes is referring to -- these are are better described as "cycles of seven" than "seven cycles" -- but it's my best guess. If I'm right, the reference is to some obscure philosophy of the Austrian "anthroposophist" Rudolph Steiner. It's not even mentioned in Steiner's rather long wikipedia article. That is a long way to go for a description of some dogs on an ugly waistcoat!
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fabulous stuff--thanks!
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don't miss the Menckens
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The Krazy Kat mention on the front pge caught my eye, but there is so much great stuff here - thanks for the tip. I love being able to read some articles about a few things I'm into without the historical revisionism. Like the dada article while it was happening.
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...incredible (and saddening) how many of these were for "alleged" crimes.
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ouch, and look at some of the "crimes":

Robert P.l Praeger, hanged (white); accused of making disloyal remarks.

Jim Hudson, hanged; living with a white woman.

Sarah Cabiness and her six children: George, Peter, Cute, Tenola, Thomas and Bessie, shot; alleged threat by George Cabiness to A.P.W. Allen.

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