great white wrecks
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Abandoned plane wrecks of the north. The Arctic North is a cruel environment for men and machine; for planes it is no different. The weather creates all sorts of hazards, the terrain offers its own variety of opportunities for disaster. (Warning: extreme comic sans.)
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Oh, some pictures reminds me to Lost.
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In related news, searchers have found six previously uncharted plane wrecks while looking for Steve Fossett.
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While it's sad the planes went down it's so interesting to see the photographs. I enjoy the site's images of prop planes too and deserted Air Museum. I love sites like his, a personal passion, well detailed and researched.
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*grabs a huge magnifying glass and looks for de Marigny and company in all the pics*
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These photos look like the front yard of any east Texas property, minus four or six other cars.
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"it crashed shortly after WWII while trying to recreate a 4 engine failure that caused another plane to crash (I believe that is the wreck near the Charlie River). Unfortunately, they succeeded"

Now let's see... We think they crashed because four engines failed, but we aren't sure, so let's turn off four of our engines, sit back, and just see what happens... shit.
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This is what the Web was made for Gaddarmit! And Comic sans in this context is perfect. Hell...I'd be disappointed if it didn't use Comic Sans. We don't need no stinkin' Helvetica or some fancy schmancy arty font like that...
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"This Account Has Been Suspended
Please contact the billing/support department as soon as possible."

Well, they sound like the looked cool while they were there.
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Man, this is so interesting. It seems I may have used the last of the bandwidth, though. Sry guys.
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Kraftmatic Adjustable Cheese: Best screenname I've seen! I'm still laughing may ass off.
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Link's dead.
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See it here at
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