Giant Bugs 2: Best 5 minute musical ever
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The Striking Viking Story Pirates craft and perform badass showtunes made from stories written by little kids.
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Ooh, I love vikings. That's where I'm Ralph Wiggum.
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Do you mean that literally or metaphorically?
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EXCELLENT! My son and I sent in his story this morning. Stumbled the site on Stumbleupon, too. Thanks!
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Chicago's Barrel of Monkeys turn children's short stories into a great sketch show called "That's Weird, Grandma".

My personal favorite... The Dog Was Dead.
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Interesting, the SVSP was started by Northwestern folks who then moved to NYC. Chicago seems to have a lock-down on stories-turned-into-weird-theater. You may also notice that original Story Pirate Kristen Schaal is now blowing up as Mel on HBOs "Flight of the Conchords."

If you are in NYC, make sure to check them out. They also do monthly "Story Pirates After Dark" shows that highlight the odder stuff, and there's free wine and snacks!
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Hee! Thank you so much, this is wonderful. Surprisingly stellar production values!
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I'm thinking that Dead Dog video really should be covered by Nina Hagen.
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I love this! In time for National Talk Like a Pirate day too!
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