Ever Been Diddled?
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Excerpts from Pissing in the Snow, a collection of ribald folk tales collected in the first half of the twentieth century around the Ozarks by Vance Randolph. (NSFW language)

From the introduction about the wonderfully dirty language within (note his count of dirty words is very, very low to the modern mind):

"There are, in modern American English, some twenty-five words which refer to the excretory and sexual functions. Tolerated in common speech, these terms are considered offensive in print. About twenty of them are taboo to the extent that they do not appear in ordinary dictionaries.... Many folktales ... depend [on these words] for effect. Translate a vernacular legend into the language of the schools, and it is no longer a folktale. An honest folklorist cannot substitute feces for shit, or write copulate when his informant says fuck, diddle, roger, or tread. Why should one employ such a noun as penis, if the narrator prefers pecker, horn, jemson or tallywhacker. Many of these stories are innocent, even childish, but they do contain vulgar terms like cunt and twitchet . . . it is impossible to present a well-rounded picture of Ozark folklore without some obscene items."
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My own copy came from the estate of my grandfather, who also taught me the best phrase in the universe, "luckier than a two-peckered preacher."
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Don't eat the yellow snow
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Why do men piss in the snow standing up? It's disgusting. I like to put my naked ass right in the cold and let my urine warm create a lovely yellow pool of warmth.
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Anybody could see he didn't know enough to pour piss out of a boot, with directions printed on the heel.

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what is a twichet?
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what is a twichet?

A vagina.
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This is great, Bookhouse, thanks.
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My grandmother bought me a copy of this book when I was 10 or so. I don't think she had any idea of what was in it.
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This is great. Thanks, Bookhouse.
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I bought this in a used bookstore earlier this year, thinking it would be a good gift for my Donald Harington-loving wife. It is indeed pretty awesome.
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I have a copy of this packed away somewhere. I had forgotten about it. Thanks for the post. I think I'll dig through some boxes in the morning.
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My sweet Arkansas-raised grandmother also had a copy of this book. I started reading it as a boy of about 9 or 10 during one of my summer visits and was shocked that such a dirty book could be on her shelf. But I sure learned a lot.
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Speaking of colorful language, years back, I lived with a woman who had a copy of a book called Texas Crude from which I gleaned such gems as "Son, looks like you shit and fell back in it," (made a tragic error) and "It's hotter'n two rats fucking in a wool sock!" (A real head-turner up north when folks ask about the Texas summers.)

I really wish I could afford a used copy of that book, sometimes.
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God, I miss Missouri.
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All right, somebody explain the last jokes to me. Use small words.
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I read this as a wee lad,in the 80s. Thanks for the hillbilly memories.
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+1 read this when i was far too young to be reading things like this :)
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After just reading Canterbury Tales, this is pretty awesome. Everyone likes a good dirty story.
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Grew up in NW Arkansas. It was my good fortune, during my undergrad days at the U of A in Fayetteville, to meet Vance Randolph- during the Great Folk Scare of the early 60's. An amazing man.
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I just ordered a copy from Amazon. $3, $4 shipping.

Is it common for people to joke that preachers screw all the women? Most of the tropes in the excerpts posted seem familiar to me, except that one.
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That's awesome. And here I thought nobody talked dirty until the 1960s, or something.
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