Bill Gates' dad in NY Times Mag Q&A
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Bill Gates' dad in NY Times Mag Q&A on bequests, estates, philanthropy and work ethic. (He's involved in administering his son's charity activities.) NY Times link, so free registration or your own personal backdoor required.
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gates dad is an interesting cat -
he is a person that will be instrumental in shaping how the biggest philanthropic effort in a century will happen - remember what j.p. morgan said - giving away money was harder than earning it.

to date, the gates' have been very conservative in their selection of charities.. this is in part good - no more 'pc's' to schools to drive out apples in a poor attempt at philanthropic business competition. however, i expect a lot of innovation and smarts from here... aiming at setting a radical new precedent for philantrhoopy.....
haven't seen it.
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