Bangalore tech support
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Bangalore tech support (NY Times, free reg. req.) try to convince callers that they're actually nearby in the US, like one who "conjured up a fictional American life, with parents Bob and Ann, brother Mark and a made-up business degree from the University of Illinois."
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Or, you can link to the no-registration backdoor. Bizarre story.
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"Or when they say `No way, José,' there is no José." Matrix flashback.

They should just say that Bangalore is one of those goofy dot-com names, like Kerbango ... shades of the urban legend of the Japanese city named USA.

Frankly, though, I've worked with enough Indian immigrants that this is just a shrug to me.
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The regimen includes listening to the likes of "Friends" and "Ally McBeal" without the picture, and then reconstructing the dialogue.

Ugh. Shouldn't there be restrictions against inhuman treatment inflicted on workers?
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