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The Velvet Underground you never got to hear. Born from the same experimental influences and art-pop sensibilities as VU, but based in 60s counter-cultural Sweden, and rife with name changes galore, Pärson Sound aka International Harvester aka Harvester aka Träd, Gräs och Stenar (Trees, Grass and Stones) brought the heavy, heavy drone sound as far back as 1967 and are still active today.

If I can simplify this inside for those who'd prefer it, the best history is probably the band's own.
Audio here , here, here and here.
Youtube live footage here. More related Youtubery here.
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I like. A lot. Thanks. Though I think they could dress more like a proper Swedish band.

I find the name "Harvester" bucolic but "International Harvester" frightening and apocalyptic.
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i like.
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Nice post! Initially I thought it was going to be about the Squeeze LP.... whew
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JA FÖR FAN! LYCKLIGA DAGAR! KLACKARNA I TAKET OCH SINNENA UTVIDGADE! This is it, right here. I'm going to devour this post the same way I would devour two bottles of Vino Tinto, a healthy stew made of lentils and an ounce of grass on pay day.

One question before I get going though, I do hope that Mecki Mark Men get a mention somewhere in the middle of all these links. Seeing as Thomas Gartz were a member, I mean. This is a mighty fine album.

stinkycheese, jag älskar dig. Do Hansson & Karlsson next!
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"were"? Nå, whatever.
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Great post, stinkycheese! Looking forward to exploring these links in detail. Just had time for a quick listen to that first Int'l Harvester YouTube clip, and me likey! Swedish hippie primitives! Joyously out of tune! Excellent!
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May I just add a link to this party? A few years ago a colleague of mine moderated a conversation between Träd, Gräs och Stenar and Stephen Malkmus (as Stephen asked them to open for him when he played in Stockholm) and you can read the article that spawned here. That is, if you can read swedish.
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Really great, thanks.
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There's also a third Velvet Underground, which featured a pre-AC/DC Malcolm Young. They must breed in captivity.
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Sweet. That Parson Sound album is on emusic.
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I was lucky enough to catch what I think has been Träd, Gräs och Stenar's only Los Angeles apperance a few years ago. Very endearingly ragged. Bo looked to be about 100 years old, but he rocked...
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thanks for reminding me of them - they do a great fuzzed out version of all around the watchtower and follow it up with an 11 minute i can't get no satisfaction - worth checking out

these guys are from sweden, too (first band from outer space)

i think they have good drugs there or something
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Wow, thanks much for this post. That 'Minuter' song is as badass as anything I've heard from that time period or any other.
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The Parson Sound album is wonderful (I meant to say that yesterday and forgot, real life in the way or something). Anyway, thanks for posting this.
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