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The Wire has just posted an article about the new Sacagawea dollar coin and the Federal goverment's attempts to promote it through Wal Mart and boxes of Cheerios. These days, it seems, even money wont sell itself anymore.
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unfortunately that link doesn't work because prevents you from linking directly to content, links must go through other news sources that lease (i believe) their content.
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yeah I noticed that too, same thing with an AP link on Cam's page. Stupid HTTP_REFERRER sniffers...
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From what I'm learning as a design undergrad and my gut feeling is that our (US) currency sucks--along with our postage. Take a look at Swiss stuff if you want to see good looking, designed, useable, secure stuff. (has scans of currency)
are a few pages I just found if interested.

posted by greyscale at 6:50 PM on February 2, 2000

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