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It's only a paper moon - a charming vintage photo collection. (via recogedor)
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What's the significance of the paper moon? Great pics, thanks.
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ColdChef, here's the story behind the song - but I think this photo tradition pre-dates that. Some of these look Edwardian.
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My favorite
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Folk art fantasies: photographer's backdrops

In the Eastern U.S. during the 1870s, an immigrant New Yorker named Jose Mora operated a successful photography establishment that boasted more than 150 painted backgrounds. Among them were winter scenes, landscapes and seascapes, tropical vistas, ancient ruins, scenery from Egypt to Siberia, leafy bowers, vine-entwined columns, urns, exotic flowers, Moorish arches, neatly turned balustrades, steps and curving stairs, richly decorated Victorian house interiors, fine furniture and libraries stocked with simulated books. Most of these props were made by L. W. Seavey, a manufacturer of accessories for photographic galleries and considered by some "the first background painter of the world."(1) "First," in this case, must have meant "foremost," for around 1840 Antoine Claudet, a French daguerreotypist living in London, is credited with being the first to use a painted background.(2) Not long afterward backdrops of many descriptions were in general use throughout the photographed world. Artists of various talents were called upon for this work. The best were, naturally, those painters with previous experience in creating similar large-scale murals such as theatrical scenery and other pictorial backgrounds.
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Nice! Listen to this (or similar) while you watch!
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This is just adorable.
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I loved these. Thanks!
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Your posts rock. Period. :)
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Brings to mind the portrait photography of Disfarmer.
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Charming photographs and wonderfully put together post dear mjjj.

Such a simple photography device but delightful, a likeable fantasy, sitting among the stars on a crescent moon. I like this dreamy one and this one.

Those fantasy photographers' backgrounds are always amusing, strange, and usually likably surreal. Touched up photographs of yore can be surreal too, like the Thomas Dworzak ones of the Taliban.

Poster for the movie, Paper Moon. Wondered how it got its name, here's the story.

Melinina Mercuri singing Paper Moon video.

1933 Cliff Edwards ukulele song video by 78man.
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love love love it.

I've been interested in these photo backdrops this year and idly thought about re-creating one.

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When I die, I'm going to heaven with madamjujuive, miss lynster, and nickyskye. Cliff Edwards will be there, and I will no longer have to try to search for Eartha Kitt's recording of 'Home Sweet Heaven'.
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er, madamjujujive. I suck here on Earth.
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er, miss lynnster sorry
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Interesting fantasy trip&1/2, what does it mean?

Tammy Grimes' recording of Home Sweet Heaven?
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Rufus Wainwright singing Paper Moon
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Another fabulous post by mjjj. Thank you!
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I guess it means I can't distinguish Tammy Grimes from Eartha Kitt! (But you're all still on my list... just you wait!)

(And I've a feelin' that the ceilin's by Bernini!)

Thanks! Ordered.
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I just spent far too much time perusing these, dreaming up backstory for each and every individual whilst listening to the audio links provided above.

An excellent way to spend an afternoon!
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Love the variation in set detail almost as much as the people. Just fabulous. Thanks, madamjujujive.
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Thanks mjjj. Recogedor is well deserving of a plug - I've been following them for some months. They find great stuff.
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We'll crucify the insincere tonight
We'll make things right, we'll feel it all tonight
We'll find a way to offer up the night tonight
The indescribable moments of your life tonight
The impossible is possible tonight
Believe in me as I believe in you, tonight
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Thanks for all the nice comments and links, guys! It's so nice when Mefi's being sweet and not snarky. Not that I don't love me some snarky ;-)

Nice musical accompaniments! Here's another: Herbie Hancock at the Mt Fuju jazz festival doing Paper Moon.

I agree about the set details, mediareport - the faces on the moon are pretty interesting photo to photo. A few of them are pretty bizarre, leering, diabolical, and scary. The other portraits that ericb and nickyskye pointed out are right on target, the same type of portrait studio photographers.
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So awesome! A couple of years ago at Burning Man my camp built a paper moon (pics) swing and it was totally sweet. It was great as an antidote to all the high tech loudness everywhere. At every time of the day and night you could go by and see couples swinging on it, kids playing on it, or entire squadrons of panda-bear-suited ravers blissing out on it.
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These are wonderful, thank you! There's a play just waiting to be written about these...hmm...
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Wow, loved these. What a great find.
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otherworldlyglow, love your Burning Man pics - great idea to do have that! Thanks for sharing the link.
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Love this! (and loved the movie)
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Nickyskye , the Taliban Secret Photos link is great!
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