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Nicolas Chorier takes stunning photos of a wide range of subjects and themes using Kite Aerial Photography. Be sure to click on the India link on the editions button as well as Uzbekistan. Another Frenchman, Arthur Batut (click "Le cerf-volant) took the first Kite Aerial Photograph in 1888. Here are some resources should you wish to try this out.
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Yes, truly a bird's eye view! What a treat! Those wonderful India pictures are a great way to start the week. Loved the ones of Laos too. ooooh. Thanks so much for your post adamvasco.
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Magic. Great to see Luang Prabang from that perspective.
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Thanks for the post, adamvasco - I really enjoyed it. Loved the bathing elephants!

This reminds me of Michael Poliza's African aerials - planes, not kites, but he flew pretty low. The intimacy of the kite aerials is often what makes the views interesting to me over over other types of aerials. That, and just the idea of it, very nifty!
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These are really terrific, thank you!
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I came here prepared to hate M. Chrorier for his intemperate remarks about aerial photography in India (it isn't banned, you just need to invite the area's IAS officer over to the photo-development-party), but the Jama Masjid photo was breath-taking. You can't say no to that.
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Dear Cydonian,
I'm sorry to read you were coming here to hate me, regarding that concern of aerial photography forbidden or not in India.
For many years, I've shot without permission, at my own risks. I've been "arrested" several times by the police, pleading it was not allowed.
I have faced, many times, some Archaelogical Survey of India officers, always stopping me because I had no proper permission.
Many government officers stopped me telling me that aerial photography was not allowed, because all India territory is supposed to be "sensitive". Terrorist threats make people a bit paranoiac. Aerial Photo is always, worldwide, considered with spying suspicion.
Despite all that, it's true that after you meet DGs, after you explain what you plan to do, after people understand a kite is less harmfull than a chopper, after the police officers check the results in my laptop, after going through memorable processes for getting proper permissions, then, kite aerial photo is possible.
I also precise that my publisher decided to mention that restriction in my profile, and he is indian.
I'm sorry this made you my enemy, but I hope you'll review your anger.
Best winds!
Nicolas Chorier
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