Hyungkoo Lee's skeletons of cartoon characters.
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Lepus Animatus, Canis Latrans Animatus. More pictures of cartoon skeleton sculptures at Hyungkoo Lee's site. The drawings. An essay about the pieces at Lee's site. Previous cartoon skeleton thread with a busted link.(working link)
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He had the Korea pavillion in the Venice Bienalle this year, it was an astoundingly good exhibit.
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"drawings" link is the same as "site"....?
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Sorry, that's actually a weird anchor link that I can't figure out how to isolate. Just click on "drawings" at the site link.
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How thin is the line between cute and monstrous? Compare the skeletons in the Glasgow University Medical Museum Flickr set:More foetal images from Bodies...The Exhibition [Flash].
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These are really good! I had a similar idea a few years back to do mounted muppet skulls, I gave up after doing Grover and Bert though. The effort to produce full skeletons is really astounding. That said, that someone could take Looney Tunes skeletons so seriously as that piece of writing under the "essay" link makes me cry for the state of art criticism.
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I've also seen dead serious proposals for skeletal reconstructions of Bigfoot.
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