"Tiny shrunken heads peering down."
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Originally made by Native American tribes, applehead dolls are now considered a form of downhome Appalachian folk art. The late Mary Winsheimer won numerous awards for hers, which can still be purchased online from her son. You can easily learn to make them yourself; apparently one can even earn a living at it.
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This post has inspired me to try drying some apples so I can eat them;-) Mmmm, dried apples. I'd rather eat them than play with them any day.
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My grandmother use to make these. i had forgotten all
about them. thanks GrammarMoses.
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I remember those things. Freaked the crap out of me as a kid.
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Haaaa! great post.
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I also forgot about those creepy little dolls (and probably for good reason). It was a time of shrunken heads and macramé plant holders.
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You beat me to it! This is still very awesome, thanks for the post.
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I still remember the Christmas morning my brother found this waiting for him under the tree. (Just one more piece of evidence that Vincent Price was the coolest man on earth.)
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I'm a proud former citizen of Appalachia Dementia, and let me tell you: apple-head dolls are Gawd Awful Ugly. Photos do not do their repulsiveness justice. Go to any regional fair where there are crafts for sale, and after you see ten or more apple-head dolls on a single day, you'll agree.
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hahahhaha thanks for this, grammarmoses :)
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Hey Atom Eyes, I actually found that other video when I was looking for the commercial for that Vincent Price toy. I HAD that toy!
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I also searched for the commercial, to no avail, but I did come across a pretty cool print ad.
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I want sources on the Seneca Indian bit. Aren't apples old world? As in Alma Ata?

Our school librarian made these when I was a kid. We figured she was just really really bored.
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My thought exactly small_ruminant, Apples are central asian, I'd think a South Asian Indian would be more likely to have invented this folk art than a Seneca.
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Holy smokes. Those are more hilariously, horribly repulsive looking than I'd heard them described. From now on I'm going to be stuck imagining the dust witch from Something Wicked This Way Comes as having an applehead.

Also, I am worried I'll spend most of my workday tomorrow day-dreaming about making shrunken apple heads with Vincent Price.
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