The Secret Police and the 35mm Camera
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In 1934, the FE Dzerzhinsky labor commune in Kharkiv began manufacturing a rangefinder camera that copied the German Leica. Though production has long ceased, FED rangefinders are still widely used and collected today. But the FED and its manufacturer have a tarnished history - some of which is due to a work force comprised of children and criminals, and some owed to its namesake: Felix Edmundovich Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the Soviet secret police (NSFW).
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Everything in the Soviet Union was built by criminals (zeka). Literally, everything: the Moscow subway, most of the great monuments, weapons, cars, roads, buildings.
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A work force comprised of criminals, particularly in civil engineering projects, is not exactly unheard of in the US.
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It's nice to see the kids out there, getting involved.
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There's even a stereo version, with what looks like extra-wide interocular distance. (Is that thing 3 x 24mm = 72mm, as opposed to the normal 62mm?)
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Speaking of Leica, the New Yorker had a great article about their cameras last week. Highly recommended if you're into beautiful machines.
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Fed 5s are still available from the lomography folks, albeit with their massive markup.
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I've had the Leica hots all week, since I read this paean in the New Yorker.
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ach, shit. 1) read preview, 2) close tags.
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Wow, great post. I have a FED 2, and had no idea that it had such a history.
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Man, the photos in that last link are intense. Very sad.
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