Shooting Range
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Out of work? The Shooting Range is hiring. No, not the Firing Range. The Shooting Range.
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One of the best animated cartoons ever. It's on the animated Soviet Propaganda dvd.

The director of this, V. Tarasov, has done some other great stuff as well.

I have to throw in my 2 cents though, and say,



The quality on youtube is horrendous, and much of what makes the animation special is not only the detail in every frame, but the animation of the frames - much of which is lost in youtubes inexcusably shitty 15 fps or whatever it is.
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Yeah, the transfer is pretty lousy on youtube, but that's the way most people are going to see it. I may have to buy that DVD set.
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(Apologies, btw - I wasn't intending to decry your post - I had an experience recently after discovering this animation and telling friends how awesome it was and then finding that they went and found it on youtube and were very disappointed after all my hype)
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Thanks for posting "The Firing Range." I saw it before on a compilation of Russian cartoons on some the Independent Film Channel and I thought it was amazing.

I'm going to get that Soviet DVD one day, even though it's like $90.
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