Sylvia had an interesting exchange with an Audi dealer today.
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Sylvia had an interesting exchange with an Audi dealer today. The situation kind of reminds me of the old "Chess for Girls" Saturday Night Live commerical (scroll down to see a summary of it). It's what, the year two thousand now? Can't women buy fast cars and enjoy driving them aggressively? By the way, that SNL commercial has prompted researchers to write books and papers about it, and quiz their students on the meanings.
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Ya know, I hope Sylvia buys that S4, drives over to Royal Motor Sales, finds Michael, and asks him how much his commission *would* have been.
I know, how very "Pretty Woman" - but the one thing you can count on is that car salesmen take their commissions *very* seriously.

Oh yeah, and I hope she makes disparaging comments about the perceived size of his penis while she's there.
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Oh man, that is really sad.
Some guys are just so incredibly sexist when it comes to cars...

Seconded on the penis jokes :-)

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I really can't believe this is happening in 2000! Absurd. Another dealer said to her, "You don't care whether it's front wheel drive or all-wheel drive, right?" That's one of the major reasons she wanted the car, to drive to Tahoe. I can't wait till we all by cars via the web, exclusively, and those guys are out of jobs. (well, at least the jerky ones.)
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I'd say that as a general rule car salesmen == jerky ones. I don't know why that job seems to draw the cranially pre-evolved, but it does.
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I don't know if you get the Fast Show in America, it's a comedy show on BBC with Paul Whitehall.
They do a returning skit with a 'senior car salesman'/'junior car salesman'. The senior (an incredible prat) compares ALL the tricks of the trade to 'making love to a woman'. 'Selling a car is like making love to a woman...' which is then followed by a wonderfully crass observation.
Anyway, I was reminded of that by this post.
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Sylvia wrote a great letter to Audi explaining her attempted buying experiences
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