Double Exposure
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I love Diane Arbus's photography. It's incredibly unique. Btw, how can it be 40 years later, when both the women in the recent photo look like they're from 1986?
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Ha! Two years ago I got into a press tour of the Houston Museum of Fine Art's Arbus retrospective and it was amazing. She, Dare Wright and Nan Goldin are my photography muses.
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A truly iconic photographer. It's strange that the Wade sisters don't remember the session, you'd think it would be an ideal candidate for a 'suppressed memory'.
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I don't want to call double, but I read this before, it is from 2005, and I know Arbus has been mentioned previously. I can't find this exact post, but you can see more meta-Arbus, here and here. A search shows more than that.

And then there's: Fur - An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus (2006)
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Thank you so much for this! Arbus is one of my favorite photographers. When you read her speak about her photograpy, it's clear how it was something she fully retreated into and I think that comes through in her photography. It also always made me feel a bit weird to really enjoy her stuff, becuase it can feel intrusive or explaoitative. It's nice to see some of these people followed up on to see their relationship to theolder photos.
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Thanks! How appropriate that Anderson Cooper was photographed by Arbus as a baby. My favorite part of the piece was the realization that the emotional content of the pictures has mostly been imposed by the viewer, at least the photos discussed in the article. Somehow I think Arbus would've appreciated that.
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The back story here is that Cooper's mom is Gloria Vanderbilt, the socialite turned denim jeans spokeswoman turned memoirist.

Wow, that's sort of bizarre.
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"Child with Toy Hand Grenade in Central Park" is so Pre - Pee Wee Herman!
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I've always wondered if Stanley Kubrick was inspired by that Diane Arbus photo when he filmed those twins in the Shining. Come play with us, Danny...forever...and ever...and ever...
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Collin Wood (Child with Toy Hand Grenade...), 42 years later.
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Kubrick started out at a photographer for Look Magazine, he was probably a fan of Arbus's.
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Thanks for that previous post by matteo, cjorgensen. I love me some Germaine Greer.
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jonp72: From the article: "The director Stanley Kubrick paid homage to this mix of innocence and menace in 'The Shining.' Twin girls, side by side and in matching dresses, turn up as ghosts in the film, harbingers of a gory finale. It's utterly terrifying." So yes he was, if you want to take David Segal's word for it.
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I've always loved her work.

A bit of trivia -- her husband, Allan Arbus, is known to many as psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Freedman [photo] on the television series M*A*S*H.
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Very cool article, thanks!
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REALLY nice link for a Friday! (Funny thing is, whenever I see that photo, I almost immediately think of its Kubrick crib in "The Shining".)

Thanks a bunch for this.
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