Bo Fo' Sho'
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Bo Fo' Sho' [youtube] My name is bo fo sho, a born bostonian, aryan librarian at the WORDsmithsonian
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Kids these days!
"Did you poop a virgin? cause that shit is tight.
jack ain't black, barry ain't white.
i do drugs in the bedroom, lie on ur back
cause i got the pipe and you got the crack.
though i'm sexually straight, your bound to find,
i'm mentally gay, cause i'll blow your mind.
the parents be snickerin 'he shouldnt have written it'
but i'm constipated, couldnt give a shit."
Now, get offa my fuckin' law, dude!
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err -- *lawn* but, *law* also works!
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Painfully dorky. :P
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i see good things ahead for this man
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Bo Fo Sho is a Mo Fo'in Ho
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Hmmm, he looks familiar.
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Massive fail. It's all Andy Samberg's fault.
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I gotta agree with this YouTube commenter:
ha ha I get it a white guy rapping but really nerdily!! with a purposely stilted delivery!!! and aahaha even about nerdy subjects like science and books!!! l.m.a.o.

this is ground breaking and has never been done before. god Bless you.

you have a great future in comedy writing and acting!!!!!!!

please die in a car fire
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And to think, I was just telling my husband I didn't mind FPP of one-link YouTube shenanigans.

I am so lucky that YouTube wasn't around when I was 17. I thought I was really, really funny too.
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I have to agree with desjardins:

One -- trick -- (unoriginal) pony.

Now I'm understanding why so many people think Judd Apatow is an auteur.
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personally, i like his hardcore eloquence and, as he notes, lyricism. that's what makes it novel for me. and his competent delivery helps.
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i just cracked a molar.
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