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Jim Henson's The Frog Prince

Also, related, but not really: Mary Martin's Peter Pan
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Crimony. The Frog Prince scared the crap out of me when I was a wee 'un. I'd forgotten all about it until now. Thanks, I think.

I believe I'll just sit here for a while and see what other skeletons come tumbling outta that closet.
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This special marks the first time that Kermit the Abstractly-Lizard-Looking-Thing became Kermit the Frog.

It also features some awesome Sweetums villainy and Taminella, a really cool witch puppet. I have had dreams of waiting on line at an information booth only to find her demented visage barking snarky insults at me once I get to the front.
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Do they resolve whatever happened to the Golden Ball?

That might affect whether I watch even a minute of it.
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When I was a toddler, my mother was put in charge of looking after me and many neighbor kids for a day She went out to the video store and rented this for us, put it on, and left to handle whatever else she had to deal with that day.

A few minutes later, she heard a cry, "He doesn't have any clothes on!," and ran in to find that the video store had accidentally given her a porn by the same title. Which she had put on for a group of toddlers.

No, she never lived that down.
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Not the "Golden Ball" I meant, Navelgazer, but do you remember if it was any good?
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frogs. named wayne and garth? did i hear that right?
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AGGGGHHHH I'm 5 again.
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My little sister played the soundtrack record every night before she went to sleep for two years.
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Have another popover, froggy! This is great - thanks!
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You know, I always remembered this and the Faerie Tale Theatre version as the same, though they are clearly NOT.

The Faerie Tale Theatre version was recently challenged at a library in Arizona.
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From your challenged link:

Patricia Wira said she was shocked by [George] Carlin's language on an audio book she checked out.

In other news, Patricia Wira recently discovered that FIRE BAD and IT HURT, IT HURT!
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My little sister played the soundtrack record every night before she went to sleep for two years.

... brother?
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I did listen to the record of this every night for a couple of years, after lights out.
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I used an abbreviated version of Henson's Frog Prince for my entry in the children's storytelling category of our forensics competition. Won first prize in school competition, second at the district level and an "honorable mention" at the regionals. Probably would've done better if I could've managed more convincing Kermit voice. I love this story, though. (Also love the Muppet Musicians of Brementown.)
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Oh goodness.

I grew up with this movie. My siblings and I would regularly sing, "It's ever so jolly just being a frog" in the car. And make jokes about popovers when someone was being particularly obstreperous.

I've been searching periodically for it to come out on DVD rather than video, but this is good enough.

Thanks for finding this glorious piece of my childhood.

(P.S. We had the Mary Martin Peter Pan too.)
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