intricate silhouettes
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Beatrice Coron is a paper cutting artist, who has a wonderful collection of paper cutting links, including images of her own work, the extraordinary cut paper art of Hina Aoyama, Kako Ueda, Masaaki Tatsumi, Virginia Rose Kane, Drew King, Rick Jones, Andrea Dezsö, Bette Burgoyne, Justine Smith and papercutting art from around the world.

Included are links to some stencils, like the architectural trompe l'oeil ones by Jeff Raum.

Comprehensive info about Chinese folk paper cutting styles (and other Chinese folk art).

Erotic silhouettes by Mongolian paper cut artist Turburam.
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Wow, lovely stuff here, and so much of it! A veritable feast!
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There's also Yuken Teruya, who was at the NYC Guggenheim recently - he makes trees from consumer shopping paper bags. He's awesome. Some images are here, here, here, and here - respectively McDonalds, Berluti, Marc Jacobs, and Louis Vuitton, although you wouldn't believe it. Amazing.
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Oh, and great post!
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I've always been a big fan of Nikki McClure's paper cut artwork, but Beatrice Coron's work takes it to an really amazing level. Great post nicky!
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They swore the camera wasn't on!! I was young & needed the money!
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These people are seriously gifted.

Thanks for this nicky!
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Wonderful post, so much to explore - took a cursory peek and bookmarked for tomorrow. Thanks nickyskye!

One of the silhouette artists whose work has stayed with me is Kara Walker who revisits the issue of slavery in the south with life-sized black cut-outs filled with stock racist stereotypes and folkloric imagery. I saw her work in the Chicago MCA a number of years ago, and it was a powerful exhibit.
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wonderful stuff, nickyskye! :D!!!
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(about time for another link to Masayuki Miyata)
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inspiring! time to break out the x-acto...
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great stuff -- thanks!

i love Kara Walker's stuff too-- she has a big show coming to the Whitney
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nickyskye you have come through with yet another great post! what a fantastic roundup of links.

My friend recently released a book on Kirigami (called, oddly enough, 'Kirigami') and it features some artwork by Béatrice Coron inside. Apparently she works heavily with black Tyvek, which I found to be an interesting concept- it would be a great material for this kind of art.

From everything I've heard, she sounds like a wonderful lady, who is heavily connected into the world of paper-cutting arts. Great reminder to follow up and check out her work in depth. Thanks!
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