Image Seam Carving, Online.
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Remember this? It's content-aware image resizing. Well, now it's alive online.

Links to plugins, the paper, etc. So far there's only one plugin, for GIMP, but it also has the link to some actionscript about it.
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There goes my morning productivity, out the window...
posted by melorama at 5:09 AM on October 1, 2007

Doesn't seem to be fully optimized yet. "resizer" only got pared down to "rsizr"--they left a vowel on the table.
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Also, they have incorrectly detected me as not having Flash 9.
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And for my third comment: No, I'm wrong. There's a release today for Flash 9 on Linux! They were right! AND this version works better for me! Yay for awesome!
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I just gave it a test spin, and it makes my photos look eff'd-up. But eff'd-up in new and interesting ways, I guess.
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All hail LazyWeb! That was pretty damn fast to get it up as a web site 'n everything. Now to find some photos.
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Running it, however, is sloooooooow.

Let me add a few more "o"s there.

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So far there's only one plugin, for GIMP

When I blogged about this yesterday, I found there was also a Photoshop plugin (which is also mentioned on the page you linked to), Picutel's Smart Resize.

Smart Resize is commercial, though; the evaluation version only works on images 640 by 480 or smaller.
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Do not, under any circumstances, use this to resize porn.
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I solved! (might still be NSFW)

/me proceeds to register
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It really does what it says. And the whole seam-carving thing is amazingly awesome.

But uh, as soon as rszirszrzr or whatever it is finishes doing the carving, it resets the image? what? I don't really know what's going on here. I probably need more sleep.

I like that there are PS plugins though. I'll have to mess with those.
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For some reason, it doesn't like my Flash version in IE. I see the javascript detecter is returning "NaN" for one of its evaluations, so I'm sure that's the culprit.

I finally got it to work under Firefox, after also upgrading Flash.
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Didn't work for me; it took a long time to upload the image and then showed a plain grey screen.
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Actually there's been a version online for quite some time, also flash based. It was very slow, though.
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This a very cool concept, but I was under the impression from the first post that this was supposed to happen in real-time as you rescaled the browser window. Otherwise, what's the point?
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Wow. That's pretty much all I have to say. Wow.
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blacklite: Once it has resized the image you can use the grab handles to drag it whatever size you like (up to your limit).
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blacklite: I thought that too, but when it looks like it has reverted to the original, try using the resize handles - it now lets you resize anywhere between the original and the size you chose, in real time.
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blacklite, think of the first procedure, where the red lines get drawn on the image, as the calculating step. It's figuring out how it would resize that dimension to the extent that you asked it to. Afterwards, using the resize handles allows you to flow through those pre-calculated values quickly, and in both X and Y dimensions.
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Very cool. Try it out with a small picture (200 px on a side or so)—very fast.
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just tried it out, and it threw an error. oooh, as3/flex sites love throwing me errors.
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Very very cool. Thank you. Although I have now lost the morning :-p
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Ok, now I get it. Didn't realize you could scale after it did all the calculations.
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Also: Does it only downsize?
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If automation like this gets any more sophisticated I'm going to need a new job. This is very impressive.
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I buried Paul.
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Also: Does it only downsize?

Well, once it finishes the calculation, you can drag it larger the original, but I wasn't very impressed with the results.
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Works, a bit slowly, with a 5 megapixel image for me.
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