Swimming Across Tahoe
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After a six hour swim, Karen Gaffney finished crossing Lake Tahoe. She's also done the English Channel as part of a relay. Karen also has Down syndrome and is a motivational speaker.

October is Down syndrome awareness month. Go to a Buddy Walk and get involved.
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She graduated Portland University with honors? My understanding of Down syndrome is apparently way off base.
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She seems like a remarkable woman. And her parents are amazingly committed.

There was a student with Down syndrome at the college where I work. She came into the library a few times for tutoring before I realized SHE was tutoring another student. My mind was blown.
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Cool and inspirational. My girlfriend works with adults with disabilities, and her experiences with them really drive home the point that many folks with Down's, etc. are incredibly underestimated. Discrimation because someone hates your race or sexuality is hard enough to deal with, but it's even more difficult when that person on the other side of the desk's motivations are completely benign and they think they're being nice.
Thanks for the post!

four panels: On the off chance that you're being sincere, you could try browsing the National Dissemination Center for Children With Disabilities's sexuality-related linkpage. This personal site struck me as a being tad spammy as I skimmed it, but I think it would make a good starting point, too.
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Yes, this is very inspiring. Thanks for posting it.
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