Lyon's Electronic Office
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In October 1947, the directors of J. Lyons & Co (think - teashops, nippies, bakeries, ice-creams, steakhouses, hotels, Wimpy Bars and Dunkin' Donuts), decided to take an active role in promoting the commercial development of computers. In 1951 the LEO I computer was operational and ran the world's first regular routine office computer job.
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Nice nippies.
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Wonderful post.

Computer history is so interesting. The computer sounds from your LEO link are hilariously awful. My God that would be maddening to work around!

From the Wikipedia entry about J Lyons, "the LEO I digital computer: the Lyons Electronic Office I, designed and built by Dr. John Pinkerton under the able leadership of John Simmons. It handled the company's accounts and logistics. Lyons also factored in the weather forecast to influence the goods carried by their "fresh produce" delivery vans"...

So that's where the LEO acronym came in, Lyons Electronic Office.

More about Lyons corner Houses.

Those vintage computer images remind me of the charming IBM propaganda movie with Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, Desk Set.
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I also found an old Time story (1965) about a foray into night clubs but I couldn't find any other material, so I suppose that all disappeared with the rest of the business.
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Oh dear! I think I've lost what little MefiMojo I had. Next - The Sopranos and youtube. An unbeatable combination. For sureā€¦ maybe.
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Well! I've done a lot of research on sopranos and youtube and I think I've come up with a winner!
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This member spent two or three hours on the post mentioned in the latest podcast. After this evenings exercise, I'm in awe. jamesonandwater suggests that people in Australia probably wouldn't be on-line at a particular time. Hello!
Also: I think I might have googled the wrong sopranos, c'est la vie. I'm going for the least commented and favorited musical youtube post ever. Don't disappointment me.
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Thanks, and could the last person to leave put out the light.
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I guess that would be me.
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Good night then.
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good night, tellurian.
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Not disappointed.
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