to sit it out or dance
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Awesome disabled dancers: Clayton ‘Peg Leg’ Bates, the one legged tap dancer, via, playing a pirate l Reynaldo Ojeda does a fabulous one legged salsa l Chinese Disabled Performing Arts Troupe (they are deaf) doing the Thousand Armed Buddha of Compassion Dance l armless ballet dancer, Simona Atzori, (who paints as well) l Mahesh, "I can dance...without legs."

Behind the scenes look at the 'Thousand Hand GuanYin Buddha' Dance.

A little more about the Guan Yin Dance.

Close-up photograph of the GyanYin dance.

An interview with one of the dancers in the China Disabled People's Performing Art Troupe.

A little more about Peg Leg Bates.

Lee Ann Womack’s song, And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I hope you dance.
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Wow, Peg Leg is great! I'm sure I've heard that name before, but I never knew who he was, or anything about him. There are 2 things that clip made me think about:

1) An old fashioned "peg leg" like the one he's using is actually a rather elegant design. I couldn't say for sure, of course, but I believe if I were to need a prosthetic leg I might prefer a "peg leg" to a "realistic" prosthetic leg. Then again, I reckon modern design advancements probably mean that the newer technologies are superior in terms of comfort and ease of walking. Though maybe not dancing!

2) This puts a new spin on a lyric I wrote awhile back...

destiny calls, the daily grind answers
says, is anybody home?
just the amputee dancers...

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Very cool links, nickyskye. Thanks!
posted by amyms at 12:43 AM on October 2, 2007

Nice post, nickyskye. I especially love the GyanYin dance.
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My dad's an amputee so I love sending him links to stuff like this. Thanks. :)
posted by miss lynnster at 2:35 AM on October 2, 2007

Also, ever since I was a kid I have been weirdly obsessed with the thousand hand dance. It just hypnotizes me.
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also don't miss Bill Shannon aka Crutch (previously).
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Wow. I take the Clayton 'Peg Leg' Bates Highway (Rt. 209) from New Paltz to Kingston, NY all the time, and never knew who he was.
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misslynnster, glad he'll enjoy this post and I think that thousand hand dance hypnotizes everybody, it certainly does me too. The behind the scenes link shows the dancers lined up behind the main one and it's still hypnotic. Apparently, it took them 10 years to get it down pat.

progosk, Thanks for pointing out Bill Shannon to me, I'd missed that post and knew nothing about him. He's amazing, wow.
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Originally my dad was very determined that after he lost his leg he would never be walking or anything, he was resigned to the idea that he'd spend his life in a wheelchair like a lump. Wasn't even interested in a prosthesis, saying, "It's not like I'm going to be able to WALK on it." So I had to do a lot of tough love and make him see that amputees do a lot more than sit around. I did research on pretty much every high achieving amputee in history and sprinkled their tales of greatness into conversation whenever appropriate. It actually worked, though. Not that my dad's been achieving greatness but he gets around just fine now.

He never was much of a dancer even with 2 legs, though.
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Model, athlete and double amputee Aimee Mullins , from!
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I don't know if anyone's aware, but the paralympics athletes (NOT the special olympics by any means) are amazing (YouTube), graceful and will kick your ass (with or without legs). And I'm so impressed I think I'd rather attend the paralympics than the olympics for normal bodied athletes.
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I feel bad for Mahesh's balls.
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omg That Crippled Masters trailer is astonishing christopherious!

aww greenskpr, that's an empathic thought.

Thanks all for the awesome additional links.
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Great post, nickyskye - so inspiring!

I found a clip awhile ago about a quadruple amputee, and was compiling some links for a possible post - just because I found it amazing.
The beautiful Thayse de Souza and her modeling career
The story of Jeff Lewis
Titanium Man completes challenge. The challenge? A triathalon.

What awesome people.
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Oh YAYYY being inspired! I do think a dose of oomph is necessary once in a while. I know I need it. Life isn't easy for anybody and for some it's truly challenging but they get up and dance anyway.

madamjujujive, wonderful links! Thayse de Souza is so exquisitely beautiful, what a radiant smile. It makes complete sense she's a model and I'm glad, not just for her, but for others too, that she's appreciated as she is.

Jeff Lewis and Mr. Titanium put the Oomph Meter on tilt. wow.
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