"We realised what a fascinating archive of images we were sitting on."
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The London Zoo's historic photographic archive went online today. According to news reports, the pictures will be offered for sale to fund conservation programs. Via.
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Too many distracting watermarks (unless that bear has a large (c) shaved into its chest).
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Chapman's Zebra... that sounds interesting. Select text, right-click, Search Google for.... ah. Javascript alert box. Lord protect me from incompetent web developers.
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Lord protect me from incompetent web developers.

Yes, the navigation is awkward, but if you left-click on the pics, you can see them embiggened. I think the site is being a little overzealous in trying to protect themselves from people trying to copy the pics without buying them. I can't imagine why they protected their text captions, though... Weird.
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Zoo Library Happiness:

The Head Librarian of the Zoo when I was doing some research there was called Mr Fish.

Also in the old copperplate daybook, there's a note about Mr Darwin dropping by to see the very first orangutan, called, I'm proud to say, Jenny.

And lastly, there's a book by a Norwegian woman radical feminist zoologist in the library calling for the name of the orangutan (meaning 'man of the jungle') to be changed so that it means Person of the jungle.
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I posted this somewhere else because the bear and the tiger cub pic was so sweet. Also, if Chpaman can have a zebra, why can't I?
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The inner photographer is happy, but the inner human isn't. Those enclosures were so ridiculously small. I don't LOVE zoos even now, but those Victorian ones were just cruel.
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You can see some of the pictures without watermarks on the BBC site. (They also seem to be better quality, though cropped a bit more.) (The accompanying article though it doesn't add much.)
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Keeper inspecting Common Hippo, 1923

I hadn't realized hippos were native to London.

Cool pictures, not very well done site, which is a shame.
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