Meet The Lollipops
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The Lollipops are a collection of stylized cartoon drawings by Craig Robinson of famous rock stars (mouseover text will reveal the artist). 26 of them in alphabetical order appear in this ad for The Observer, entitled "From Abba To Zappa."
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This ad was on the back of a Guardian weekend magazine next to my toilet. It took a couple of weeks to figure them all out.
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These are g-r-r-r-r-r-e-a-t! (And loved the segues.)
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Wow. I haven't been to FlipFlopFlyin in years. Yay for bigger minipops.
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sorry...these are just plain bad. outside of the few who are majorly obvious (ie bjork, the villiage people) you cant tell who most of these people are. i'm all for elegant simplification and economy of line, but theres definitely a limit to how far you can go with it. weak.
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for work in this vein that's actually well executed, try the artist mr robinson ripped off, plasticgod.
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I love it. Thanks for this.
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For about half of them I'd either never heard of them or had no idea what they looked like so there was no way I could guess. Since there are no album covers anymore and MTV doesn't play videos, you don't really know what most modern pop stars look like.
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this is a jonson post?
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"the artist mr robinson ripped off, plasticgod" has been exhibiting since 2001, according to his website. Minipops have been around since 1999.
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Did I miss something? Why is Robbie Williams dressed like K.I.S.S.?
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You must have missed this.
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I mistook Tracy Chapman for Lenny Kravitz. I suspect that, were I to meet her in real life, I may make the same mistake.
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You must have missed this.

So I did. I liked the video where he strips nekked and then rips off his skin and muscles. Is dressed up as a member of Kiss the iconic image of Robbie Williams held by people all over the world who don't miss things?

Because mine is pretty much the stripping thing.
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Ha! Nice site, jonson, even apart from the lollipops.
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No DEVO? Come on!
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There's a web site out there, somewhere, where you can create your own South Park character by selecting a face, hair, hat, clothes, accessories and so on.

This guy's art style looks conducive to the same kind of thing. All the figures are essentially the same size, and if someone wanted to do the work, they could process all the images on that page to extract out all the hair, all the clothes, and so on and make a mix-and-match system out of it.
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It looks like Miis. It's like when I got our Wii, and I sat down and whipped off a family of Miis for everyone in the household, and then I went ahead and made Miis of everyone we knew, and then I went ahead and made a bunch of famous-person Miis because I was having such a goddamn good time.

I also made lots of Me-Miis with different hairstyles to accomodate the many moods of padraigin
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32/79 here.
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John Peel... or George Carlin?

I thought that too. I also thought Michael Eavis (whoever he is) was Phil Collins.
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