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"To find people you know who are not using Crackbook, pick up the phone and give them a ring" Via somebody on Facebook of course. Not short on the English - read toilet - humour, Crackbook does manage to capture the uglier sides of social networking: "Michael Thomas is frantically detagging himself from photos of him with other women before his girlfriend Sharon Oliver notices."

Stripping back the URL, it's part of a site by David McCandless, who apparently boasts quite a colourful geek history.
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David McCandless shamelessly plugged his spoof of the world wide web, The Internet Now In Handy Book Form! from various different angles.11.06am

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MinuteMadeCouponFilter (lol) but I like it.
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(i posted it on my facebook)
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"Kittens Skitter Uncontrollably On Lino Before Hitting Uncovered Industrial Fans" -- nicely done. As a book marketing site, this is brilliant.
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Despite the lameness of Facebook and the overusedicity of "crack" as a joke, this was funny.
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I wouldn't mind the Paranoia Plus app.
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I'm poking you all.
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The b3ta version.

I do hope this latest wave of parodies is the glorious beginning of the exodus from Facebook, leaving behind only the ultrapokers who will bud off into a self-contained universe of their own, like all the old MUDs and MOOs.
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It's still not cluttered and drunken enough to really pass as Facebook.
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